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Full Version: Under-car setup advantages, disadvantages?
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hi. im thinking about setting up my rig set up but not sure which route to go with. is there any disadvantages going with the under car setup? looking at automotiverigs setup, low clearance isnt really an issue there but somehow none of their pics in the gallery looks like what i like. its the perspective that i dont like. is their system not flexible enough? or they just have weak shots. i really like most shots taken with the hood or roof suction cup rigs in this forum. the best thing about the under-car setup is the pp though, that's for sure. what are your thoughts and experiences? suction cup also scares me as far leaving marks..
From what ive heard the main two cons with a under-car rig is, 1 very hard to setup on a slamed car. 2 you need to use magnets which in some cases can be unreliable. However, as you said, you don't have to PP as much and you can get a much higher shot than with any suction cup rigs that i've ever seen.

Do know i dont have a rig of my own, so im only talking from what ive red and heard from others! I'm sure someone else that have experience from both can give a more fair opinion on this

I do think this thread should be movet to the Gear & Equipment forum.
I have done both:

I currently use a suction rig because it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much easier to set up.

The main advantage of the undercar rig is the ability to shoot down at the car without having to crop out the rig on body panels which is really nice. But it really takes alot of time to set up an under car rig and can sometimes be impossible either because the car is too low or there arent adequate places to mount the magnets (assuming its a magnet setup)

When I am on a shoot time is always at a premium and the extra time it takes to set up an under car rig just doesnt make it a good option for me anymore. Unless i really want to shoot down at the car and cant achieve it with my suction setup i WONT use my Under car setup
easier to setup: suction cup rig < under-car rig

better/faster post work to remove: under-car rig < suction cup rig

it's really just up to you, under the car rigs are harder to set up no question, but in my opinion it's worth it. If time is an issue then yes the suction cup rig is the best option, but if the shot or angle you need to get is what REALLY matters, then I would just try to explain it to your client, I have and in my experiences most were understanding. But everyone is different.

I actually made a modified version of's rig and i think the pics you you saw on their site are probably cropped or they didn't have a long pole or they didn't use a wide enough lens, but if you build it right, you can get A LOT of distance between your camera and subject with an under-car rig
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