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Full Version: Plan to replace media computer
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The new apple TV is $119.

I just read an article about adding any kind of file to iTunes, and another one about jail breaking the Apple TV, allowing you to run apps (apparently it's an IOS device, just with a different interface).

My media computer is dying a slow death, and I think this is a cheap way to replace it.

Has anyone heard anything about the Apple Tv that would spoil my plans to use it as a media server?
Fuck apple.
Mac Mini.
If anyone is interested, this worked frickin awesome.

It's a $120 media centre. Love it.

The apple TV is the little black box beside the receiver, the big grey thing in the middle is my old media PC.
Did you jail break it? Hows HD playback? Apps? lol
^I haven't really played with it too much. Just watching converted .avi's at the moment through iTunes, which is great.

My plan right now is to wait a month or two to see if apps become available (it apparently runs iOS) and if not, jailbreak it then, and instal VLC.
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