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Full Version: VW May Join NASCAR, I look up the current trading price for Mk V R32s.
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They will get vilified by their fan base for doing this and also get vilified by NASCAR enthusiasts whom have the red white and blue flowing trough their blood.
Now I know there is some folk out there, hopefully very few of them, that go out and buy a Charger just because its on the front of a stock car. But is there any of these "consumers" that go out and buy a Camry just because its on the front of a stock car, or be it VW?
Ummm no.
Hopefully they'll follow through with their F1 endeavors.
Nascar no.
That would be fail.
I Can see VW doing this. They are looking to increase market share in the U.S. in the coming years by going marketing the Passat to the Camry/Altima/Malibu/Accord crowd. I guess they think NASCAR lovers want to drive road versions of stock cars. If NASCAR lovers see something that looks vaguely like a passat making left turns all day then they'll want to buy a VW, or the suits at VW think.

Volkswagen wants a repeat of the glory years between the 1960s and 1970s.
fiber optic
QUOTE(UserDrew @ Oct 8 2010, 01:46 AM) *
Volkswagen wants a repeat of the glory years between the 1960s and 1970s.

Ha! Don't hold your breath.
Not only that, there's no recognition of make and model of the cars in Nascar with the exception of the little stickers/ insignias that give them some relevance to what they're supposed to be. They're all based on the same mold/ body so how do you tell them apart?

This would be a bad deal for VW.
I could see Porsche joining the Nascar ranks. If that were the case I feel that alot of the loyal following of the marque would become disloyal for doing so.
I'd think the same would hold true for VW but there will always be that few that would buy because they'd seen it on Nascar Raceday. rolleyes.gif

QUOTE(fiber optic @ Oct 8 2010, 05:34 AM) *
Ha! Don't hold your breath.

I won't. But VW has some long term business plan to sell somewhere around a million cars a year in the US by 2018. The expansion has already started with a new engine plant that has just opened in Tennessee. Pretty ambitious, but I don't think they'll ever move as many cars as they did in the aircooled days.
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