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Full Version: Gmail hacked.
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So my Gmail got hacked and a nice collective spam mail went to the wrong sorts of people... Gmail stopped half of them halfway out the door, and made me change my password. I can't access my never used hotmail account so I think its spyware (never had a problem before since I drink coolaid OSX rolleyes.gif ). What are the chances this affects other places I login with similar passwords or does spyware get hold of the general most used sites only? (FB, Hotmail, Yahoo). Should I change all my passwords?

Advice appreciated.
Typically once your password is hacked, it makes its way onto lists you don't want it to be on, so I'd recommend going through and at least changing your banking/main email passwords, and follow that with the ones you care less about. I'd suggest using a different password everywhere, but some people think that's way too hard to remember. As long as you type it a couple of times a day it really shouldn't take long to remember. For those sites you visit less often, use similar passwords with something particular changed that you can guess once you're on the login page for each site. If you want to get really fancy, smash your keyboard randomly to create one really secure password, and use that to encrypt a text file containing your other passwords. Keep that encrypted file on your zip drive in case you forget a password, and keep the key to unlock it written down in your wallet on a random piece of paper (AKA don't label it "The password to everything:").

/edit: I completely forgot to ask, any idea how/when it got hacked? Did you save it browsing on some random public computer, or visit any shady sites...or was it just not a secure pass to begin with? I'd hate to have you change all your passwords only to find out you're being snooped locally.
My GMail got hacked too over the summer. I wasn't too smart by making my paypal account the same password and I just recently made a paypal payment when it happened. I had $90 transferred out of my paypal account. I took pretty aggressive action, I changed my email address, used a completely new set of passwords, and I have different passwords for different things as well. Make sure you don't use the same passwords for different things..
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