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So I need a new point-n-shoot (that's the reason this thread isn't in "Gear" in the Photography forums).

My basic criteria are as follows:

- Decent photographs (I'm no stickler for this, but cameras equipped with this
- Good 1080p video with at least decent sound (I know this is difficult for a point-n-shoot, but it'll be mostly for mobile technology reviews so nothing with a lot of quick movements)
- Internal rechargeable battery (I'm sick of swapping rechargeable AAs into my current camera, seriously)

Some extra criteria I'd be willing to pay up for:

- A metal construction.
- Onboard GPS for geotagging.
- Microphone jack?
- Something that could potentially act in a webcam-esque mode such that I can shoot video directly from Quicktime or the like (I don't know quite how possible this is).

Price range: I'd do up to $275 without the extra criteria, more depending on what else I can get.

Thanks in advance!
Lumix GF1?
QUOTE(Bjorn @ Sep 21 2010, 01:37 PM) *
Lumix GF1?

3 times my pricepoint.
I might be hugely outta touch, but can you get all those features for your price point?

EDIT: wait, I was including the extras . . .

If I wanted a point-and-shoot I would buy a Canon G11, which are dirt cheap right now thanks to the G12. But that doesn't even do 720p video.
Leica X1
QUOTE(dukenukem @ Sep 21 2010, 05:19 PM) *
Leica X1

Hur dur dur can't even shoot video.
Use your phone to take videos.
QUOTE(dukenukem @ Sep 21 2010, 06:49 PM) *
Use your phone to take videos.

lol 3.0 MP... hopefully the Pre2 will have 720p or better.
Jacob Photo
If you want a video camera, get a video camera - GO Pro HD, Flip HD, etc.

If you want a digital camera, there's some great ones on the market from Canon, Panasonic, etc.

But for the price of $275, you probably won't get anything that does both well. You get what you pay for.
I agree with Jacob. Get a video camera. Unless you're shooting 1080p with that balls insane Canon DSLR, it's going to look like a shitty video recorded with a point and shoot camera, which it is!

Canon sells a 1080p hidef video camera for around $350. The video quality is damn good for the price. Get that and stop being a cheap lazy asshole.
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