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Full Version: Nissan Leaf Advert
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This advert is so rad. I'm not saying I believe in the leaf stopping global warming or anything, so don't tell me how electric cars still destroy the earth, etc. I just thought it's an awesome advert, that's really well executed, and manges to convey a good amount of emotion. Either way, here it is:

Also, theres a making of this ad video. Very cool to watch!
haha, I couldn't help a "aawwww".
Chrysler uses a chimp to pull a cord and PETA goes bloodthirsty apeshit, then Nissan does this and PETA is all smiles... 'the FUCK gives?
PETA doesn't like Chrysler perhaps?
I love this ad, have been seeing it around for a while now at work. The agency I work for put this together, and they're very proud of it.
fiber optic
The polar bear needs a ride because his commute from the arctic sucks? Mr Tweed jacket (does it have the elbow patches, I didn't notice) is gonna need a bigger car than the one the clowns use at the circus. Maybe even a truck...
I'd like to think Im pretty manly, but this commercial made me go "awwwww how cute"
I saw this in the middle of college football and it honestly evoked a nice sense of emotion out of me. Well done ad.
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