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Full Version: First time around, me and my Skyline
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I'm Magnus from Sweden and I'm new to this forum, registered yesterday and got comfirmationmail today!
First of all I'd like to apologize for my english which isn't very good but I'll try to keep up with you guys.

That said, I'm not really sure how i found this forum but I think I stubled over it when I was watching Dejans Deviant profile, so thank you Dejan and if I'm getting annoying it's not me, it's Dejan you should blame! ;P

I've been into automobilephotography for a while, around 3 years, only as a hobby though. I'm self learned with a pretty quick learningcurve, however this year my developement has been poorish and I feel like I'm stuck. There's really not that many sites here in Sweden for automobile where people can get criticism for automobile photos, not sure there even is one. By registering here I'm hoping to get feedback on my work and hopefully be able to learn something from you guys!
I'm also running a website which I'll keep updated with new sessions and such, unfortunately it's in swedish. Anyway, here it is!

On to my car... I'm, occationaly, driving a Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R -92. I say occationaly cause it's very rare that Skyline, especially a GTR, works. This year I've been able to drive it for 5 weeks, the rest of the time she's been in the garage. I'm really hoping to be able to sell this car asap and get something that actually works. No more Japanese cars for me! However WHEN she decides to actually work she's just amazing, lovely car! I reccon she's got around 400hp on the wheels, still twinturbo charged, and with the Attessa keeping all 4 wheels spinning in same motion there's no words for how fun the car is.

A couple of images taken a year ago!


Welcome! Pity about you wanting to get rid of the car. My money would say keep it! Either way, welcome and I hope the people here don't annoy you too much biggrin.gif
Welcome and wow that car is gorgeous smile.gif I hope someday I'd be able to own a Skyline GT-R, I say you hang on to it and stick through the problems, Skylines, to me, are in a category of their own.
Všlkommen! I have a cousin that lives in Sweden, true story.

That is a fucking awesome car! The R32 is one of my "have to own" cars, if only I wasn't a poor ass student... I would sell my STI and buy one in a heartbeat.
Wow, that is amazing. I could do without the EL gauges, but other than that I love it. thumbs_up.gif
QUOTE(pervert @ Sep 21 2010, 07:18 AM) *
if only I wasn't a poor ass student... I would sell my STI and buy one in a heartbeat.

Does not compute.
In NZ an STI is only 8k US smile.gif

An R32 GTR is about double that and a bit.
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