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Full Version: YOUR top 3 F1 drivers, ever.
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I've created this thread to see what other peoples' perspective are on how they see who THEIR 3 best drivers are, from any era. Sometimes it doesn't take statistics for a driver to be the best in your eyes...

I'll go first with my top 3.

1. Ayrton Senna
THE legendary driver, most recognized for quite everything he does on the track. He epitomizes the way of a competitive driver at the highest level. His un-humanlike talent in a F1 car is still mesmarized by modern drivers.

2. Jenson Button
Smooth, calm, and collective. Brought Honda to the top as a team nearing the end of Schumacher's WDC run. Genuinely has the heart of a winner, and is willing(and damn well HAS) to give up all that has blessed him for his first win. Single handedly proved to be a top F1 driver in 1 season, and sealing the deal with having a run at the championship with McLaren this season.

3. Kimi Raikkonen
He is a driver, first and foremost. No antics or drama from this guy. His semi-robotic nature does sometimes have kinks in his armor when you see him crack a smile once in a while. He carries on the age old ideal that Finnish drivers are quick at any level of motorsport. Championship winner undoubtedly, but more intrigued by his will to be behind a steering wheel of a race car moreso than his will to win.

Honorable Mention: Lewis Hamilton
Chases his first title in his rookie season(down to the last race) and wins his first title in his second(at the last race in basically the very last corner of the race). British worship him. His youth and lack of experience gets to him.. But you cannot deny that he's definitely one of the quickest drivers out there, and can match up to anybody for the championship. He's not even in his prime yet.
Hmm tough choice. I have to admit I really only started following F1 in 2007, and 2009 was the first full season I watched, so I'm a bit of a n00b. I know some of the history but not enough to make a judgment on the old greats in their prime so I'll stick to the drivers I have experience watching. I'm going by "top 3" meaning "best 3", not exactly my favorites, because I like a lot of drivers who aren't exactly championship material.

1) Lewis Hamilton
A real supreme natural talent. I watched him throw away the 2007 world title, and make a few other mistakes, but overall he is impressive not only in his ability to be blisteringly quick and get the most out of his car but also to USUALLY not crash in the process. He is just really impressive.

2) Nico Rosberg
I think after what he's managed in the Mercedes this season, I'm pretty convinced: Rosberg is one of the best F1 drivers around. I think he got 110% out of his car when he was at Williams on most weekends and he continues to do so at Mercedes. He's quiet, no-nonsense behind the wheel, and doesn't "need a setup that suits him", he just drives around a car's quirks and drives quickly.

3) Robert Kubica
Like Rosberg, he seems to manage to get more out of his car than he should most of the time and his Renault performances are smile-inducing most of the time. Also just a cool laid-back guy.

Honorable Mention: Adrian Sutil
Despite his reputation for being a bit accident-prone, it seems to me like few people are consistent as Sutil these days. OK he's not the head of the pack in dry conditions but his consistent ability to find another gear in the wet is really impressive to me.
honorable mention: shuuuumi



Honrable mention to Raikkonen & Kubica.
I think it is hard to judge ones who raced before you had chance to see them. Fangio and Clark were allegedly masters of their times. But, for me, there can be only one and it's his autographed photo that I have, not any others.

And he's the one that most F1 drivers nominate themselves and the one that most motor racing commentators give their vote to as well:

1. Ayrton Senna the super-human one 21.3.60 - 1.5.94

Simply the best in equal cars

But still the best when in a total underdog car too

2. Gilles Villeneuve the ultimate racer (before Senna) 18.1.50 8.5.82

Original Murry Walkler commentary

Clarkson's version and claim for the No. 1 driver

2 wheels are enough! biggrin.gif

Driving by ear? oh.gif

3. Stefan Bellof the star that burned very brightly (but not quite as brightly as Senna) for all too short a time. 20.11.57 1.9.85 sad.gif

From 20th to 3rd in the same race that Senna would have won from 17th if it had not been stopped to let Prost win

Tellingly, as out and out racers, they all died with a wheel in their hands.

1. Aryton Senna

2. Gilles Villeneuve

3. Michael Schumacher
I've only been watching since '99, so that's as far back as I'll go.

1) Alonso. Put him in almost any car on almost any day and he will score points. If you have a marginal car you want to improve, next to Schumacher he is your man.

2) Hakkinen. Along with Alonso, one of the only people who could give Ferrari Schumacher a run for his money.

3) Schumacher. I don't like his "anything to win" attitude on the track, but he is an amazing driver. But he needs a team to be built around him in order to thrive.

Honourable mention: Sebastien Vettel.
1. Kubica
2. Schumacher
3. Senna
Based on when I started following....

1. Senna - Ask anyone who knows anything about F1 and they will say the same (not to diss anyone that didn't put him #1 tongue.gif).

2. Mansell - Wasn't the most exciting to watch but was clinically good. F1 champ one year, CART the next.

3. Schumacher - I don't like the guy but in his prime (ie not now) he was a machine. I have never seen someone be able to rattle off quick laps like Schumacher. Need the next 10 laps to be done flat out to take the lead? Here's your man.
This is a very difficult thing to pick really!

In terms of greats that I've seen race, I'd have to say the following, based on their ability to pull something out of the bag with raw talent.
1. Senna
2. Schumacher
3. Alonso
Honourable Mention: Hamilton

My favourite 3 drivers though would be
1. Button - The Englishman that I've been able to follow throughout my F1 viewing and brought an F1 World Championship to my Dad's team.
2. Barrichello - Really likeable and passionate about racing, very wise head on the circuit.
3. Kubica - Quite regularly showing his ability to punch above his weight, a bit like Alonso did in his early years. Surely a future World Champion.
Honourable Mention: Rosberg - Doing similar things to Kubica and outdriven Schumacher all season really.*

* Apparently at Singapore Rosberg asked Ross Brawn to give him a faster car, because he feels he has got the most out of this years Mercedes and wants to achieve higher than 4th/5th/6th place.
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