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Full Version: Light Painting
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Hi everyone what kinda light's do you use for painting? Pictures--- link's smile.gif


// Patrik
Blue Devil
the kinds of light that light up.... smile.gif

also, as a business stand point.... for your site... and just as a heads up... don't put car photos from car shows in your portfolio.... everyone has that... doesn't say much for you...

And don't use that font.
i wouldn't include those wedding pictures either, maybe just the first one.
ok thanks ,,, i will redo it,, but back to my question

what kinda light do you use,, small one or big etc etc
I've got a big one.
QUOTE(//deanphoto @ Sep 21 2010, 12:01 PM) *
I've got a big one.

that's what she said! wait..
DownShift Studios
I actually use a flash (which I hand hold) inside a 24x24 soft box. I set my camera up with a 30 sec shutter speed and use a remote trigger. Then I paint the vehicle with the flash to my liking. I set the flash up for manual control, and adjust those settings to the color of vehicle I'm shooting. Obviously a white car would need let light than a black... and so on. Each time I use artificial light, I use this method... Its relatively cheap and gets the job done.
QUOTE(//deanphoto @ Sep 21 2010, 08:01 PM) *
I've got a big one.

Mines bigger than yours DS_Naughty2.gif
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