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Full Version: Faking a rig shot
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After fiddling around for a few hours with no result, I'll like to ask you guys how you would solve this little problem.

I have this backdrop which has some added motion blur:

And this car which has a motion blur smart effect layer (so I can mask some particular blur, since I don't want the car itself to be blurred):

... which makes the following image:

I want to add some radial blur to the wheels. As you'll see, there is some grassy shizzle covering up the lower part of the wheel. When I select it all and give it some radial blur, it looks very unnatural.

What's the best/easiest way to add realistic radial blur to the wheels? I was thinking about the following procedure:

1. Only select the wheel - and not the grass - and save the selection
2. Put the wheel (minus the grass) on a seperate layer
3. Clone the missing pieces of the wheel
4. Add some radial blur to the wheel
5. Load the selection from step 1
6. Cut and paste the wheel to the original layer

I'm sure you guys have an easier way.
Nope, there is no shortcut to retouching. I would have done something similar if I were in your shoes.
Well, what do you think?

There's something that just doesn't look right. Can't really figure out how to fix it.
I think you're on the right path, but it looks like the wheel is spinning too fast relative to how fast the ground is moving... tone it back maybe a bit
also the tree thru the window is too still
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