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Full Version: Lancia Stratos...reborn
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No official details, but I've heard it's not just a one-off, and it's based on a heavily tweaked, shortened 430 chassis.
I want one so bad. I am willing to sell Flaw's kidneys for one.
Oh, wow! That thing is tre nice. I've always felt turned off at the sight of the original but with design cues take from that with a touch of modernity have come together very well on this.
Awesome, but if you have to hack up a 430 I dont really see the point.
My dick is hard enough to cut diamonds right now.
damn.... they really gonna make that?
Von Z
holy shit that's nice.
damn.... they really gonna make that?

No official details, but I've heard it's not just a one-off, and it's based on a heavily tweaked, shortened 430 chassis.
It is ever so fucking pretty... drool3.gif
green car driver
They've done a few hundreds Alfa Romeo 8C with Ferrari/Maserati parts, and they can't do many more of it for fear it will loose its appeal if they build thousands. They have to make another model, I guess it could be this one.
Here's what little I've managed to find out about this Stratos. It was originally commissioned as a one-off for someone. However, the decision to do a limited production run was made later. The car pictured above is a prototype going through the final phases of testing. It's based on a heavily modified, shortened Ferrari 430 chassis.

The car isn't an official Lancia. I have a strong feeling it has something to do with Christian Hrabalek, and his Fenomenon Stratos.

Details of a new Lancia Stratos started to leak out a few weeks ago after one was spotted testing at Fiat’s Balocco test track back in July. This car turned out to be a one-off special, which a wealthy entrepreneur involved in the Automotive supply industry had commissioned Pininfarina to build, requesting them to design a modern recreation of his favourite car of all time, the legendary Lancia Stratos.

This is a dream he (Michael Stoschek) had been pursuing since 2003, first by participating financially in the unsuccessful Fenomenon Stratos project, which presented a concept Stratos for the first time at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show. When this project eventually came to nothing, Stoschek decided to commission Pininfarina to build a one-off vehicle just for himself and his son, Maximilian, to use instead, using a shortened Ferrari 430 Scuderia chassis as the basis for the project.

Doing the dynamic testing on the almost finished car is ex-Formula One driver, Tiago Monterio, and the feedback he gave after the test at the Balocco test track was that the car had fully lived up to the high expectations Stoshek had originally set the team back in 2008.

The car is built entirely from carbonfibre and only weighs 1240kg (around 108 kilos lighter than the donor Ferrari Scuderia), with the weight being equally distributed front and rear. With the 430 Scuderia's 4.3-litre V8 engine pushing out 503bhp, this gives the car a power-to-weight ratio of 413bhp/ton.

For comparison, the original Lancia Stratos produced 190bhp from its 2.4-litre Ferrari V6 engine and had a kerb weight of 980kg, meaning 197bhp/ton, so this new Stratos should prove massively quicker than the original road car ever was.

Stoschek has given Pininfarina the go-ahead to explore the opportunity of building up to 25 examples of this new Stratos, so if you fancy one too, then you’ll need very deep pockets as we hear the expected price will run well into hundreds of thousands of pounds. It’s very pretty though...

Why not make 500 units like the first gen and 8C.
Interesting. The front end is a bit ugly.
Luca di Montezemolo drives the new Stratos
awesome, I love it
What he said ^
The new Stratos improves on the Ferrari F430 Scuderia donor with a boost to 540 hp and a drop in weight of approximately 176 pounds, leading to an incredible power-to-weight ratio of 5 lb/hp (by comparison, a 2008 Lotus Elise SC is 9 lb/hp).

Weight distribution for the little supercar is 44%/56% on the shortened Scuderia chassis, which when combined with the 95-inch wheelbase should give it the deadly/awesome Stratos handling. Top speed's going to be dropped to 170 mph on account of a rear axle ratio revised to improve acceleration, giving it a 0-to-62 mph time of just 3.3 seconds.

90L fuel tank in a midget! Michael Stoschek should work for Fiat corp....
It looks great, except the rear looks a bit transformerish...just hope the reliability isn't like the original...


The only thing better than the livery? It isn't a show's meant to be driven

Like the livery.

The car looks real awkward viewed head on though, something with the inner edge of the headlights being taller.

Sooo much better.
^ Sad rather than angry.
Would prefer the original headlights. It sounds absolutely awesome in the video and the livery just made it 1000000x sexier. No doubt this is one of the most exciting car in recent years.
Its a great design, something you can scetch out easily on a piece of paper, easy lines, unlike most modern cars today. Didn't like the lights at first, but they fit in nice which the lines of the wheel arches. I'm sure it looks better in person, just like the Scirocco.
Boo! Ferrari blocks production of new Stratos.
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