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Full Version: Light streaming through windows
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So i have been trying to get this effect for a while, i love seeing it in movies and want to recreate it in my pictures now.

something like that, i am thinking of ways and have a few in mind, i think probably easiest would be smoke or fog machine and use it and then the light coming from the window should reflect off the particles or whatever and then show on the camera.

Does anyone have any ideas?

i dont want to have to photoshop it in
it's also a very large room, which i think compounds how much dust and debris is in the air between the camera and the light source, making the light rays more prominent.

but yeah, fog machine should do the trick anywhere.
cool thanks
Blue Devil
Any kind of "dust" that will remain in the air for a small period of time... you can swing sand/dirt/water whatever you can do that will do small particles.

That + dark room + very direct light will get you the result you are looking for....

I tried to take that shoot 1st and didn't get any light rays..... then our guide said.... here... picked up sand... threw it in the air... i took the shoot... bingo.

nice, is that Zion?
Blue Devil
antelope canyon in AZ

i am happy with that

oh and this one

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