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We're from Brazil and we're going to the US next september. Arriving in Los Angeles on sept 18th (saturday noon) I'd like to get a camera (Nikon D3000 or 5000, probably) and extra lens (55-200mm, MUST be VR).

I'd like to order it online, but...I wont risk to mail it our hotel in Hollywood. My uncle used to live there, but he moved recently to Germany. sad.gif

So, I have NO address to mail it safely.

There's two options left. Walmart or BestBuy websites. I've read about their "store pickup", but some reviews were not good. Does any of you recommend it? Any other option in LA/Hollywood?! PLease, lemme know. Thanx, all!

Blue Devil
i am sure you can find photography only stores where you are going. So, give some a call.. make sure they carry it.. or can order it for you. Instead of dealing with a big faceless store like Best Buy or Wallmart.. call the locally owned phootgraphy stores.

We call them mom and pop business because they are a small business owned by the person that works at the place instead of a big chain store. Usually can give you much better costumer service.
Jacob Photo
I walked into a best buy store and walked out with a 7D earlier this year. Their website showed me who had stock on hand. They won't sell you body-only though, so you'll have to buy it with a lens, but you can sell the lens later.

You can also hit up Samys camera in West LA off Fairfax and wilshire. They have LOTS of stuff in stock
Nike SB'd
QUOTE(TuningBrasil @ Jul 14 2010, 06:01 PM) *
Any other option in LA/Hollywood?! PLease, lemme know. Thanx, all!


Hollywood is full of camera stores (one of the reasons I like living here).

Samys on Fairfax Super huge store, really busy all the time but the largest selection on the west coast. Pricing is fair but not as good as east coast places on most items. If you need something obscure they're your best bet.
Calumet on Highland Similar to Samys vibe but slightly less inventory. Calumet is the other west coast powerhouse.
Pix on La Brea Pix is a neat store and it's really laid back, I've only seen another customer in the store once so it's really easy to get the help you need. Their inventory isn't nearly as large as the first two but they should have the cameras you're interested in. They also have the best hours in LA and are open from 6AM to 10PM! This has saved my ass several times when I absolutely needed something before a job.
Simons on Highland Simon's is an interesting spot and it's very similar to Pix but they seem more skewed towards sales than rentals (Pix is primarily a rental house). I found them because they will usually sell lenses before the official date so if I'm dying to get something as soon as it comes out I always contact them. They also have really good pricing and seem to be able to negotiate a bit.
Thanx, guys. I'm talking to Samy's (Fairfax, near to out Hollywood hotel) and I think they'll be my choice.
Just to add to this. Make sure buying a camera in another country will give you warranty on it when you get home. I know lenses and flashguns have worldwide warranty but I don't think camera bodies do.
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