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Ok guys, I have a nicely sized one-bedroom apartment. I need a wireless router that covers the whole thing, but have no idea what to get. I don't want to go to the store and get sold something that is excess to my requirements. So yeah, help please.
In my experience, a 1 bedroom apt will easily be covered by pretty much everything currently on the market. If you go with a 802.11G version or higher, you should never have a loss in your apartment, ever.

I prefer linksys routers (cisco systems) because im familiar with there setup and security features. I had a long standing problem with two belkin wireless routers and refuse to use them at this point. Ive heard good thins about buffalo technologies but have never tried their products.
My top two choices:

Apple Airport Extreme
Pros: Extremely easy to set up and manage without sacrificing advanced options, signal strength that can cut through any wall.
Cons: Hefty price, You're supporting Emperor Jobs

Linksys WRT54G2
Pros: Bulletproof, insanely cost effective, more settings than you could ever ask for.
Cons: No wireless-N, more settings than you could ever ask for.
Thanks Razor, but I'm not getting within 10 feet of an Apple product that isn't an iPod, regardless of how good it is.
QUOTE(moe @ Jul 13 2010, 09:51 AM) *
Thanks Razor, but I'm not getting within 10 feet of an Apple product that isn't an iPod, regardless of how good it is.

Fair enough. It's a damn good router... if you're not paying for it. I advised my dad to get us one; I love that thing.

Funny though, I've decided the only products I'll ever buy from Apple from now on are computers. Their iPod/mobile philosophy is so far beyond ruined that I wouldn't take some of those products for FREE. They sure don't make them like they used to. sad.gif
I have the D-Link DIR-655 and it is awesome.

Your requirements are fairly low, so any recent model will cover them. If you'd like to try out the interface before buying, google "brand + [model] + emulator" (e.g. "Linksys WRT54G emulator" or "Netgear emulator") and you can see whether the interface is too complicated/simple (just keep in mind that updated firmware for every model can change the interface). Just don't waste money on a model that claims "up to 350Mbps wireless" since any wireless-n will be more than sufficient to max out your speeds (your laptop prolly can't even write that fast if you're sharing locally and for downloads, your ISP is the bottleneck).
My roommate's an IT guy, he pretty much walked into the store, picked up the basic Linksys router, and said this'll do. Yup, that was the end of that.
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