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Full Version: 5D Mark II mic input terminal dosn't work?
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I'm wondering if I'm doing it wrong, can't find the setting in the menu, or whether my 5D2 is just screwed up there.

When I record video on the camera, it records through the in-built mic. But right now I'm wanting to record a tune off a music keyboard, by directly connecting the line out into the mic input on the 5D Mark II, however the camera is still recording sound off the in-built mic on the camera instead.

Have I got a dud? Or is there a setting I've missed? I'm still using original/old firmware.
I have the latest firmware and sound recording set to manual. then I just plug the stereo mic in and it records automatically. You should have a miclogo in the lcd when its in manual audio mode. I think it records both line in and internal mic when its set to auto mode.
Try updating to the latest fw if it doesnt work... it fixes alot of image problems anyway.
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i think the mic port is farked - updating firmware didn't fix anything sad.gif

It really should be listening to the mic the moment the jack is plugged in!
Have you tried another mic? Set the recording voloume to high also. Maybe its not picking anything up but static...
plugging ipod into it as well and its still not picking it up.

still just recordign through the built in mic.

it's fucked dry.gif
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