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Full Version: Photoshop Quck Tips Collective
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So I think we all have those small tricks we use in PS which we found by accident (most of the time), and now use them almost all the time!
A thread dedicated to a simple trick you like using in PS can grow to be a great resource!


So to start it off, something I often use is an inverted 'dump' layer to see otherwise invisible edges when I need to make a selection. As per the example below, I shot a guy in studio on pure white for deep etch. Then I also lit it so that the lighting would match to direct sunlight. So I added a hard bulb to the one side. However, as you can notice, it appears that the edges are lost in 'blown out' regions. But are they...? tongue.gif Well no, as when I was shooting, I knew I had no clipping, because I always shoot with clipping warning on.

Below is a pretty straight forward way to ensure you always see edges that you otherwise wouldn't if you just tried to make a selection with no 'aid'.

Original image:

Invert Curves Adjustment Layer Added so I can see into my highlights:

Selection is now MUCH easier to see!

And we now have a perfect selection that includes areas we might have otherwise discarded into 'blown highlights'.

This is certainly not the only way to go about doing this, but it is a handy one I like to use. Hope this helps someone at some point in their retouching! smile.gif

If you would like to contribute, please provide screencaps of what you're describing & a semi-decent description of what you're trying to achieve & process.
I so that too, but I just press ctrl+opt+cmd+8 which inverts your screen. That's on a mac though, but I am sure there is a way to do it on PC.

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