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Got a 'new' truck about 6 months ago, I havent posted it in here yet and since im procrastinating working on my thesis, here you go.

1991 Toyota 4Runner. 22R-E (I4). 4x4.

275k miles (Engine has been rebuilt, dont know when, but the compression is almost perfect)

I havent done much for this truck yet, other than:
- Replace some interior parts from junkyard trucks
- Replace both front CV axles
- Yakima Roof Rack (got it cheap from a junkyard)
- rewired the old useless alarm system to become external propaganda speaker (hooks up to Radio Deck)
- Put on some 31" BFG T/A KO's
- fixing a bunch of other random shit

So far, I have taken it to Baja and tested its ruggedness there, as well as some OHV places in California, and any patch of dirt I can find.

(With 31" Tires)

Pozo, CA

Baja California, Mexico (when it still had the original wheels on it)

TV Tower Road, San Luis Obispo, CA

80's-Early 90's Toyotas are the shit. Engineering at its finest. Durable, Dependable and Easy to work on.

- Replace ADD Hubs with Manual Locking Hubs
- New Shocks
- Intake
- Header and Exhaust System
Sweet. I love my 22RE Yota too, hard to hate. Beat the shit out of it and she'll love you for it.
Nice! Front reminds me of the black Toyota pickup from Back to the Future. drool3.gif
QUOTE(goota @ Jun 28 2010, 07:27 PM) *
- rewired the old useless alarm system to become external propaganda speaker (hooks up to Radio Deck)

How's the rust?
not so bad, just the exhaust pretty much. otherwise, its in pretty good shape. gotta love california.
^Yeah, jealous. Looks great!
fiber optic
I didn't think you were ever going to post pics of this. whistle.gif
So when are you putting in this baby?

I keed. I keed.
all I have to do is put that mp3 on my ipod and i can blast it in the streets haha.

fiber: haha, yeah, ive been lazy about it.
If I hadn't already ordered my Hellas I would totally put those on my car.
fiber optic
QUOTE(goota @ Jun 30 2010, 01:43 PM) *
fiber: haha, yeah, ive been lazy about it.

Oh I know all about lazy.
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