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Full Version: New's my ride :D
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DonJuanMair was nice enough to let me know about this board for the photography so I thought I'd post and introduce myself here. I've had a love for muscle cars since I was little and my fav thing to do in the summer when I was 5/6 was going to our local drag strip and watching the races biggrin.gif. My mom also was into cars as well as my two brothers and dad so I naturally inherited it biggrin.gif Anyway here's my car which started out as a 2000 Formula...all stock when I bought it used in 2001. Due to a couple minor accidents I converted it to a Trans Am as it was just cheaper to get the T/A bumper and hatch and I always wanted a T/A but couldnt afford it. I've done a lot of work on it myself (except the exterior flames) including the interior which I redid last summer while I was laid off, shaved the rear tail filler, etc. My b/f and I did all the performance work to it ourselves and the last thing was a cam we installed in 2007 along with the SLP UD Pulley, LS6 ported oil pump, LS6 intake, patriot gold springs....etc. It has 405 rwhp and 388 trq biggrin.gif. Anyway here's a few pics of it biggrin.gif


Well Michelle, hold on tight. It's gonna be a bumpy ride tongue.gif. No girl survived here for more than a month or so. But maybe some of the guys have gown up since then...

Although your ride is absolute opposite to my taste, it's nice to see someone have a passion for their car. I'm sure you'll turn some heads when you're driving in that car smile.gif
fiber optic
No motor pics?
Proof that you are a real girl.
Wow... that thing is obnoxious whistle.gif Welcome anyway! You may be our first F-body member in a while..
QUOTE(dukenukem @ Jun 16 2010, 03:15 PM) *
Proof that you are a real girl.

How'd I know you were going to be the first to do that? tongue.gif

QUOTE(Razor @ Jun 16 2010, 06:23 PM) *
How'd I know you were going to be the first to do that? tongue.gif


Because unlike you n00b cannons I know the basic rules of this forum.
Welcome smile.gif Nice pics thumbs_up.gif

dukenukem, I'm fairly sure she is a girl cool.gif

Are you the photographer of the other pics and what equipment are you using?
>proud owner?<

See speedyK found the pics.... Anyway thanks for all the nice welcomes biggrin.gif. I do really love my car smile.gif. Now though it sits in the garage most of the time for two reasons.....1. I got laid off last May and finally just last week got a job!!! UE barely pays anything so there was no money to spend on gas. It only gets like 15mpg hwy with the mods we've done. Its nice and loud too.....just how I like it biggrin.gif. Now reason #2 for that I just said....the cops pick on me constantly and the last time I was pulled over was last fall for "inadequate exhaust". The stupid lady cop kept saying I had 4 pipes coming out the rear of the car and that's what was making it loud and I kept telling her...."no it's quad tips....its not even a dual exhaust it's the aftermarket cam that's making it loud" She didnt get it. I've had too many tickets since I moved to this county so it sits in the garage. I may take it out tomorrow when I got to the new job training biggrin.gif.

speedyK...Yes I'm the photographer too which is why I signed up here for the photography forum so maybe I can learn how to improve in that area. I've been doing photography for a looooooooooooooonng time but have only photographed cars since 2000 or so and really got into it the last few years. Mainly all I did was nature shots/landscapes.

So what I use currently for photography is a Canon 40D, Sigma 10-20, Canon 24-70L, Canon 50 1.8 II and a Sigma 50-500. I also have use 3 off camera flashes... Nikon Sb-25, Nikon SB-28 and Sunpak 383 with Cybersyncs.

I dont have a current pic of the engine bay though as it needs to be cleaned up sad.gif. Here's one from 2003 or so. I no longer hav the FRC's or the battery covers there. I also don't have the decals on the STB and I've repainted it to the same color orange thats on the front of the car. This is of course before the cam/intake install too. Oh and I also polished the TB too longer orange smile.gif

Oh and here's a video of it after the first start up after the cam install if you all want to hear it biggrin.gif

View Video on FQuick
Those flames.....

sounds like a fast car smile.gif welcome.
Thanks biggrin.gif
QUOTE(Halflifehavock13 @ Jun 16 2010, 05:00 PM) *
Those flames.....


because without them, she'd just be Bird. duh
QUOTE(Halflifehavock13 @ Jun 16 2010, 09:00 PM) *
Those flames.....


Well, she has a picture of her car from 2003, so I'm assuming she did that back when it was cool. xD
QUOTE(nismo @ Jun 17 2010, 03:48 PM) *
Well, she has a picture of her car from 1985, so I'm assuming she did that back when it was cool. xD

Mr b00st
Well i have to say I dig everything about it besides the flame job and obnoxious interior trimmings. The performance mods sound pretty adequate! I like the torq-thrust rep wheels on the 4th gen, it's more of a Mustang wheel but it still seems to work. And the T/A conversion does wonders for the car's appearance... it might as well be OTT.

Definitely not my cup of tea, but welcome all the same smile.gif
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