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Bought my g/f a new car:

I guess you can say that I really like MKVs. smile.gif Honestly, a perfect car for someone to learn manual on; She told me that she likes it better then the rolla.
Good job on buying a Red Tractor.
I like the Mk. V TDI.

A TDI wagon came a very close second to the Legacy I bought last year. If Subaru hadn't practically given me the Legacy to make room for the '010s I would have probably gone with the Jetta.
The Mk V TDI is by FAR the best eco-friendly car I've ever driven. It's an interesting application of the DSG, has a remarkably good suspension for something not meant to be sporty at all, and just has a genuine good feel to it.

Great choice! thumbs_up.gif
it does sound like a tractor... smile.gif If it was my car I would be have been replacing the suspension and sway bars as they feel really squishy... and its a six speed. I drove it to work today and i got 44MPG... my car on its very best day will do 32s. I would be curious to see the gas mileage it will get once its fully broken in.
fiber optic
Are you trying to run your girl off or what?
QUOTE(b0mb3r @ Jun 8 2010, 02:58 PM) *
eone to learn manual on; She told me that she likes it better then the rolla.

Yup, i've driven a Corolla. It almost blanded me to death.
give her your old GTI wheels thumbs_up.gif
lol... this car is amazing on gas... makes me jealous... average is 42MPGs so far...
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