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Full Version: US Grand Prix
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Dr. Strangelove
There is going to be a 2012 F1 United States Grand Prix. It's going to be in Austin, Texas. They say there is to be a 'purpose built facility' so presumably no road course or anything. I'm pretty enthused about this.
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clarkma5 article for reasons of thoroughness...

2 years to get a facility built from the ground up and ready? I smell a Donington Park-like disaster...
Jacob Photo
My brother lives in Austin.... free lodging, w00t!

I like Austin, but jeeze, I expected either east or west coast.
QUOTE(Bjorn @ May 26 2010, 06:06 AM) *

I like Austin, but jeeze, I expected either east or west coast.

Well, ya gotta admit, having it more central is nice for people flying from the coasts...if it were in New York, and I live in California, it's like, hmm...what's closer to me, the US grand prix, or the Canadian grand prix? Now there's no question! Though it would be nice if it were adjacent to a larger airport than Austin...
At least Donington had a circuit already! I hope it's not a case of not being ready in time though, would be good for the sport I think to be back in America.

It's expected that it'll be a Tilke track, so lets hope there's some room for a new Turkey Turn 8 (i.e. a drivers corner) and not the same old same old.

There's a decent article here about Tilke and how he is pretty restrained by the rules: F1 Fanatic
Dr. Strangelove
Tilke is announced to design it.
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