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Full Version: N24 2010!
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Can't believe no-one opened a topic. What a race. F1 looks so lame and boring compared to this.
    There were about 20 teams which had the potential to get a podium finish
    Audis dominated Quali
    210+ cars, 800 drivers.

Start of the first 20 Cars: Everyone was surprised that the Manthey Porsche (Green Yellow) was only 7th on the starting grid, after they started from the front the last few years, but just watch how that 911 rockets away and put R8 to shame. Epic! Also check out the Haribo Porsche (second Manthey car) which was the next surprise. V10s, V8s, and I6 screaming!

After 3 laps the front group catched up with the slowest, F1 drivers take note. Check out how the R8 overtakes on the grass toward the end (3:35), nuts!!

The race continued:
    Both Mantheys dropped out
    Bunch of Audi R8s gave up, and the other half lost pace because of repairs
    The Hybrid 911 R dominated the race from 3 a.m. to 2p.m. dropped out though (rejoined later ended 20th)
    The first Ferrari ever to race at N24 and which qualified 40-something got into the top 5
    First M3 crashed, second one

Review from the first 6 hours: I feel bad for Marc Bassen (Pheonix R8 with H.J. Stuck), but thats 24hr racing. (Exige driver is a journalist from EVO)

The real hero the race, the Hybrid 911 R which dominated the race even though it was 150kg heavier than the normal 911 AND with 25KG weight penalty which would of won effortless but broke down one hour before the end, they repaired it and finished 20th.

With my 2 favorite top teams out my fanboy side came out again because the M3 was leading. Though the BMW guys were pulling long faces because they weren't sure if the gearbox would hold. They later said they lost 3rd gear 3 hours before the end, and the last hour one gear after another was failing. The last few laps they were nannying it home, with the F430 hunting it down, the guys got lucky. The M3s almost crossed the line too early which would of meant 1 more complete lap, and maybe the end of the gearbox.

The STOCK GT3 RS with Chris Harris, Patrick Simon, Von Sauma and Ash finished 13th! Patrick Simon (youtube him) is driving the car back tomorow to Stuttgart. They joked that the only tech problem they had was that the electric windows wouldn't wind up completely when it got bumpy. IMO the GT3 RS just became a legend. It beat Cup cars and even some GT3 class cars, in ranking and reliability. It was the only car with number plates, and was driven from Stuttgart to the Nurburgring.

(source EVO-blog)
Nike SB'd
I was there and it was the craziest thing I've ever seen. Absolutely mind blowing.
Nike SB'd
Just saw the video via EVO, just epic.
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