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Full Version: help needed for car dyno day
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hi all im attending a dyno day with me new canon 1000d/rebel xs i was thinking i need to use shutter mode also i want to do hdr images also what do i need for this
Jacob Photo
to read the manual
well thats a pretty lame answer as there is more to it then reading a maunal
QUOTE(Jacob Photo @ May 12 2010, 09:15 AM) *
to read the manual
whats with all the upthemself cock heads on this site
Blue Devil
smile.gif good old DieselStation... smile.gif


if you can stand our attitude and you can stand to get your work riped up in little pieces (we do it so you can learn but we aren't nice about it)... welcome...

if you can't... might as well just never come back....

as for your 1st mistake....

you said HDR...

and 2nd..

you can just google how to do HDR.. lots of lame tutorials of how to create really bad HDR...

3rd and final mistake...

you said you think you need shutter mode... when we all know.... MANUAL FTW!!!
Jacob Photo
question - what do i need for this
answer - to read the manual

Shutter mode - sure, go for it. Aperture mode will work too, or full manual. If you know what you're doing, you can achieve good photos in these 3 modes. It's all about knowing how to achieve the image you envision in your head.
thanks for all your replys i only ask as im new to photography with slr cameras
QUOTE(JC_PHOTGRAPHY @ May 13 2010, 10:05 AM) *
thanks for all your replys i only ask as im new to photography with slr cameras

If you're new to photography, then this is a great place with a wealth of information:

And without sounding like a dick, everyone response has been fair based on your initial post.

Its like me going to a professional painter who makes his living from painting canvas. I say to him, "Hey, I bought a brush from an art store & some green paint. I'm thinking of painting a tree. I'm also thinking of painting some clouds. What do I need for this?".

Would he take me seriously? (rhetorical question).

Point is, don't just ask a general thing like you did. Go read first, learn what you can, then asks something specific.

If you had asked, "Guys, I'm shooting at a Dyno day soon & I want to get some cool shots. I know its pretty dark inside most dynos, so would you suggest I use a flash, or try put my camera on a tripod & use a longer exposure? I really want the wheels to be blurred as they turn on the dyno, so whats the minimum shutter speed needed for that? Then, I also really am interested in trying out HDR. I've read that I will need at least 3 exposures. What would you suggest is the best bracketting difference to use for best effect."

Both ways are asking the same questions you did, but at least sounding like you tried to think about it first.

And as Blue Devil has already said, if you can take the punches & hard crit here then you'll learn alot...I mean alot. If you're going to take every word personally as a attack on your lovely character your mom loves so much, then better find another forum.
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