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Full Version: Buying used?
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I found a killer deal on a 1D MKIII with 2 previous owners.

First owner fired about 5K shots and fixed the AF, second owner did another 5K shots. Thats nothing for a 1D. Any tipps on buying second (third hand?) cams. I don't want to pull a Hexagon... I've never bought cam equipment used.

I haven't seen shots of the camera itself, but the guys website is full of weddings and and portraits so no wild sport shooter who banged the fuck out of it. The guy says there is a 5mm scratch on the screen... couldn't care less.

What you guys think? Convince me
Blue Devil
if the price is right.. why not....

but then again... i would prefer a used 5D MKII ... but if the price on this thing is so good that you can't past it up.. jump on it.
What do you consider a "killer deal?"
john jovic
QUOTE(SwissWhiskey @ May 10 2010, 06:07 PM) *
What you guys think? Convince me

There's no point convincing you if it's a marginal proposition in the first place.

The problem with most second hand purchases is what happens if the gear turns out to be faulty, or dodgy in some way? If you buy from a major dealer, like a shop of some kind, then you normally get a warranty, maybe 30 or 90 days, so you're risk is reduced but you might pay a bit more in the first place.

If you buy without any warranty, such as Evilbay, various forums or similar, then you have to wear the risk of any faults with the item so you need to be comfortable that the item you are buying is in fact in good condition. That's much easier with a lens, mechanical or hi tech AF, than it is with an electronic body. I don't know anything about Nikons but I would be a little concerned that it's changing hands a couple of times, maybe there are problems with it but maybe it just doesn't suit the wedding 'togs style. Get more info.

You need to be comfortable with the transaction, that's all that matters.

Nike SB'd
I almost always buy bodies second hand - it's like buying a car, they just lose value so quickly that it doesn't really make sense IMO to buy new ones all the time, especially if this thing only has 10k on it you should be good to go. If at all possible try the camera before purchasing it, upload some files and double-check the shutter count and you'll have nothing to worry about.
Deal: 2400 CHF, thats 2160 USD. Its a 515'XXX serial body and had the faulty AF. (501001 through 545000 we're faulty) AF was fixed by Canon under warranty with the first owner. Second owner says he's had the cam half a year and put 5k on the cam without noticing anything wrong with the AF.

Trying the Cam is probably not going to happen. Guy lives 4+ hours drive away. I'd need to give the AF a real beating to notice if the AF is really faulty, and I don't know if I'd be able to spot problems by just shooting off a couple of frames. I asked him for shots of the camera and he said he didn't have any good shots of the camera itself. Though he described me the 2 scratches the camera has in detail...

I'd rather buy from B&H, but the used units are running for 2,5k, though I get a 30 day used warranty and I think its worth the extra 240USD just for that. I might pass on this one. It's a lot of money for a cam for me, I can't afford dumping another 500USD for repairs if its a lemon.
I would never buy a used body unless it has warranty because the cost of calibrating it with +3 lenses is going to be pricey.
Jacob Photo
I've bought 2 second hand cameras, and they worked out great for me. My 1d mkII had the shutter blow out on me, but that was several hundred thousand frames later, and I still got it replaced under warranty.

My old 20D is now on its' 3rd owner and is probably over 60k clicks now (i put about 40k on it in 2 years) and still going strong.
QUOTE(Jacob Photo @ May 12 2010, 01:17 AM) *
My old 20D is now on its' 3rd owner and is probably over 60k clicks now (i put about 40k on it in 2 years) and still going strong.

Same. My 20D was bought from my old boss & that thing worked non-stop for 3 years. When I was in my hobbiest stage still when I shot everything that moved. Till it fell off a bridge. sad.gif Still miss that camera.
I would still buy a 2nd hand 20D if I found a good priced one because I know it just works, no questions.
I buy most of my gear used, but i make sure it has still some warranty.
Just got my 5d mk2 for 1600, 1 month old, ~400 shots, new one is 1800+ here.

Thats what i would recommend you, its even cheaper than your 1d3.
If you dont really need the af&burst (sports photography), i dont see a reason to get that outdated cam.

Or get a 7D and spend the rest on a new glass.
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