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Best Homework Incentive Ever...
Are you still wondering why it is so many great race drivers come form Germany?

Meet ten year old Seppi and fourteen year old Schorschi Wörle. When not doing their homework, they dutifully help out with the family business. Ok, that business happens to be the Porsche Zentrum 5-Seen just outside on Munich but how many 10 year olds get to rip a GT3 RS? In the US the parents would probably be arrested immediately. Yah Mammi!

Axis of Oversteer
Very cool.

Although I can't help but to think that if Robert Kubica and Ralf Schumacher had a kid, he'd look just like the 10 year old.
Argh curse my parents for not being interested in cars or racing...I could've been learning at a young age and maybe gotten somewhere. </bitterness>

Also this makes me want to learn German slightly more than I already that weird?
We had a german student stay at my family's house for a couple of months and she said she goes/went to a highschool or college (i dont' remember which) where if you got an A overall, you would get a free Porsche. However, she said it was really difficult to accomplish that.
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