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Full Version: New US race?
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Hopefully Eccelstone makes good on this, and quits being a dick
I hope it's NY Full from Forza 3. Scary chicanes are scary.
Street courses fucking suck.

Monaco is boring, Valencia is ugly and boring and Singapore is maybe OK if there is nothing else to watch.

Bernie knows that street courses don't make for good races, why is he trying to remove good races like Barcelona to give us more of these fucking annoying "races?"
Not a huge fan of street races either...Bernie just wants the glitz and the glamor for the TV cameras.
QUOTE(Razor @ Apr 6 2010, 06:39 PM) *
I hope it's NY Full from Forza 3. Scary chicanes are scary.

It's not. What's been talked about for the NY race is actually in New Jersey. The New Jersey Grand that's fucking glamorous. Fuck you Bernie. Though I will admit, I like Singapore.
Oh shit maybe they'll have the chicks from 'Jersey Shore' as grid girls!
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