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Full Version: light meter
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Konrad Janicki
I was wondering if any of you uses a light meter, I know some fashion photographers use it but don't know if its any good for car shots
what's a photo meter?

You mean a light meter?
Konrad Janicki
sorry wrong translation now it's ok smile.gif

yes I mean a light meter
light meters are for old folk who are too scared to skimp guess. tongue.gif
Konrad Janicki
maybe so but I had the oportunity to shoot some models with info from a lightmeter and I liked the spot on exposure, my eye isn't so trained to get it perfect every time
Light meters can be helpful at times but it's not like the film days where you really "needed" one to get it done right. I can't remember the last time I found myself thinking "damn, if only I had an external light meter right now..." yadiddamean?
john jovic
A colour temp meter is way more usefull than a lightmeter.

I have colour temp, spot and light meters and I don't use any of them, when shooting digital. Of course film is another story.

Konrad Janicki
ok thx all for the info

I wasn't sure if it was a good idea to buy one of those, now I think it would be the wrong thing to spend my money on
digital really makes it easier smile.gif
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