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My god, that was some awesome racing! Who said there was no overtaking in F1?

Just finished watching it after it downloaded the race (I wasn't getting up at 6 AM after I was home only 2 hours before that rolleyes.gif )

A splendid decision from Button to come in early. Too bad for Vettel that he had such misfortune again. This constant braking down has become too familiar with him in the Red Bull. He was on to a sure victory.

And I think the last word hasn't been spoken about Lewis' second pit stop. Surely he was stuck behind Kubica (great drive from him btw), and if the others had come in for new tires it would have been a perfect decision, but they didn't...

Oh, and were the fuck was Michael Schumacher?! He was stuck behind Alguersuari waaayyy to long.
I haven't watched the race yet, but I've read the results and articles. I need to download it soon.
That was pretty epic! Button's team nailed it with that strategy and thus he won the race, just great!
Hamilton is a punk for lashing out on the radio. I can understand your displeasure but there is a time and place, and the team radio is not it....
Vettel, I'm very bummed out about his misfortunes this season, he has immense talent, but the parts on the car have not been up to par... hopefully he really rebounds next couple of rounds and delivers...
Schumi, I have a feeling he might hang it up again either mid season or end. There is no place for him in today's F1, he seems lost. Hate to say it...
Ferrari, aghh these guys, always in the right place at the right time, good for them!
Webber cracked under pressure to deliver for his home fans.

Great race without a doubt, I was dozing off a couple of times, so I will be watching it again....
I'm really annoyed, because a Facebook ad spoiled the ending for me just before I sat down to watch the torrent I DLed.

Great race though, that is what we need more of.

I was really skeptical about the no refuelling this year . . . until now. Wow, I love the juxtaposition of driving to save your tires vs saying "fuck the tires, I'll make the time up by being faster."

I think Vettel should change teams next year if RBR can't get this reliability thing sorted. It probably cost Vettel the championship last year, and it's costing him big this year. RBR is obviously unable to do anything about it ATM.
This was every bit as thrilling as Bahrain was dull, but I think if we want races like these we better pray for burst of rain during the races. the rain shuffled everything.
I hope I eat my words.
welcome to melbourne - it always fucking rains on and off over there.
QUOTE(Easton @ Mar 29 2010, 06:19 AM) *
welcome to melbourne - it always fucking rains on and off over there.

try uk .. its rain pretty most of the time

mind you saying that not as bad as scotland thou .
Hamilton has to be the biggest bitch on the planet. First he complains it was the car that wasn't performing for qualifying (right, that's why Button managed get a very respectable fourth with it), then he starts yelling at his pit crew during the race, and now he's talking trash about Webber shunting him. It's called RACING asswipe, shit happens.

Also, I think Schumacher's washed-up. He should just quit before he embarrasses himself. Good to see Barichello beat him though.
I agree on his bitching and complaining, but I think he has a point about the incident with Webber. Sure it's a racing incident, and there shouldn't be further consequences, but it was clearly Webbers fault.
I think Hamilton is feeling the pressure of McLaren having a new star. The spotlight is shifting off of him, especially after Button won the GP this weekend, and he doesn't like it.
Dr. Strangelove
Guys, it is still waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy too soon to be calling Schumi washed up. He said himself that it will take him around four races to get up to speed.

Holy shit Alonso did well. I think if Massa didn't hold him up he could have fought for 1st or 2nd. He had all the momentum in the world.

And RE Hamilton, I think we're starting to see the side of him that Alonso saw at McLaren. A whiny, spoiled brat. I always thought that the English news pubs were way to nice to him in that debacle. I think it will get really ugly if Hamilton gets beaten by his team mate a couple of more times. I thought he had grown out of this attitude, but now I see that it was just that Kovalinen wasn't threatening enough to bring it out.
QUOTE(Dr. Strangelove @ Mar 29 2010, 07:51 PM) *
Guys, it is still waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy too soon to be calling Schumi washed up. He said himself that it will take him around four races to get up to speed.

Washed up was definitely an overstatement on my part, but I don't see him winning any races this season. It could just be the car though. It's not like Rosberg is doing significantly better, and Brawn has admitted it isn't up to scratch. Still, even with a better car, I just can't see him taking a win from Button, Vettel, Alonso, or Massa.
MS was a having a lot of qualifying issues too with traffic..

This isn't the first time a driver complained without restraint through the radio.. I recall Button complaining about his brawn being a horrible car over the radio during mid season when he wasn't scoring many points.

Let me play devil's advocate for a moment here..

Every F1 driver to me is a brat in some sort of way. The sense of entitlement that every driver has is one of the things I dislike about motorsport, and apparently being a champion seemingly allows that. As much as I don't like it, I've realized that any winner in any sport at the very top level has that insatiable hunger and persistency to win. So much as they will do anything to win. MS is a fine example..

When you're a really competitive person like Hammy is, it's natural for a personality like him to get overly frustrated when someone or something else takes you out of that zone. Hamilton was in the zone. He was overtaking and outpacing everybody... I don't blame him for being frustrated, and him being an F1 driver, I'm not surprised at his public cries.

Bottom line is that McLaren made a logically engineered decision that was the right thing to do based on the circumstances and data that was presented to them. Hamilton drove his heart out and had the confidence to ride on graining tires, a risk any driver out there is willing to take to retain or gain places. If Hamilton was insubordinate to his team and stayed out there, he'd be at fault, and people will criticise. The team makes a decision that was ultimately wrong, Hamilton is vocal about it, and people will criticise.

I'm in for some good racing. If it means Hamilton and/or Alonso overtaking everybody to make it to the front(which they've done) and them being bitches about it later, so be it. It was great racing.
Dr. Strangelove
I understand the point about being in the heat of the moment. But he has given at least two interviews afterwards blaming the team. I like having Hamilton in the field though, don't get me wrong. He is the antagonist in my mind.
He can be interviewed 50 times and still stand by his confidence and abilities. It is what it is. I'm just more of a Jenson Button fan anyway.. haha
Dr. Strangelove
You know what? The more I think about Schumis drive the more convinced I am he did a decent job. He still isn't happy with the car's setup, he crashed on lap one and was put back in last place, he just got back from three years off with minimal testing allowed, and yet he still finished in the points. That is a pretty good job if you ask me. Not stellar, but not bad for sure.

Edit* Re watching the GP right now. (I'm not sleepy and it was pretty damn good) On lap 9 Schumacher had a really slow pit stop that put him back in the back again when everyone made the switch to slicks. It looks like the mechanic didn't have one of the tires ready in time.
Great race, well the first half was better than the second half. Great call by Button himself on the tyres!

Congrats to Karun Chandhok on finishing a race for Hispania! Something Virgin haven't managed yet!
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