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Full Version: Bahrain GP (SPOILERS)
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Pretty sweet race. The battles between Lotus and Williams were my favorite, and congrats to Lotus for a solid race debut.

I really feel sorry for Vettel, it should've been his race really. But an awesome comeback for Ferrari, after a bad season. I also feel sorry for Kubica, if it weren't for that first lap fiasco, he would've done a lot better.
Shame about Vettel's exhaust, but at the same time he did nurse a great 4th place. And ughh at Alonso, sorry I never liked him, never will, therefore I'm not rooting for Ferrari as long as he is there.

Go Vettel!
Yeah, I'm not big on Alonso either, but he did drive a great race. Hamilton and Button have both been complaining that there's something wrong with their cars, Hamilton said downforce, Button said something's just wrong. While there up there with the front-runners, I feel there's still untapped potential with the new cars. I think it wasn't up to the pace of the Ferraris and Red Bulls. Same story with the Mercedes. Thought it was epic that Lotus decided to concentrate reliability, and in their first race, lived up to that, unlike the other new teams.
I think these spoiler tag are a bit lame. If you haven't seen the race, you are supposed to be smart enough to stay out of this topic. But for now I'll obey to the lunacy ;-)

I was disappointed by the lack of close racing. Several drivers complained that it was impossible to get close to cars in from of them because the would burn up their tires. And there was not enough difference between the compounds to make a difference.
It's a shame that Vettels car broke down, but good for him that he still managed to get 4th.
The fact that Lotus was able to finish the race with both cars was also cool. They really seem to have their act together.
Wow, the first thing Hamilton says after the race is about how he was "held up" and continues whining like a bitch about it. rolleyes.gif
QUOTE(Lancer007 @ Mar 14 2010, 09:21 PM) *
Wow, the first thing Hamilton says after the race is about how he was "held up" and continues whining like a bitch about it. rolleyes.gif

What did you expect? He was being a F1 driver.
I didn't expect any less from him but still...
Held up my ass, he was was clearly off the pace of the top three. Like I said, I don't think the the Mercedes or the McLarens are quite up there with the Ferraris or Red Bulls. The Renualt showed surprising pace though. It's not a car I was expecting to be fast at all...or maybe it was just Kubica being badass.

Button said he didn't push the car as hard as he should've (typical of him). He was worried about the tyre degredation, and took it fairly easy on the car. Seems like he took it too easy. Seems believable though, because it looked like he was really going to take on Schumi, but then backed off. I was pretty disappointed the Webber/Button/Schumi battle never materialized...would've been epic.
Here is what Schumi said to RTL (german tv, hosted by Niki Lauda and co.)
- Understeer and oversteer issue, Rosberg said the same
- He still needs to get used to the new tyres, much thinner in the front then in his days
- He needs to adapt a new driving style due to this. His style doesn't work anymore.
You could really see the understeer with both Mercs at the beginning of the race.

Anyway, the right team but the wrong driver won. I'd really like to see Massa win the title, he's been at the top for a few years now. I'll admit Alonso did some good driving, but he's still an asshat.

Wouldn't mind Vettel being on top eather, he never bitches and always tries to stay positive.
The most scathing criticism was in the Times where Kevin Eason wrote: "Far be it for us to worry you, but it might be wise to dig around in the garden shed and find that old tin of Dulux and splash a bit of it on the living-room wall around the start of the next grand prix in Australia in case you need something to watch if the racing is as dull as it was here in Bahrain.

"It was difficult not to imagine the click of millions of remote controls around the globe as viewers started scouring the channels for an alternative sporting event a little more exciting, such as international conkers from Rutland or celebrity cheeserolling from Amsterdam."

"It's not like the old days," Button said. "We have so much more downforce. You could follow cars [back] then. You could slide up the inside. You could race. It's very different now."


While I agree that this wasn't the exciting race we had all been hoping for and that had been promised and hyped up; I still feel that it wasn't boring enough to warrant all the negative press. There have been far more boring races in the past couple years. I think it's more the fact that all the effort and time and money spent by the players involved to get new people into this sport wasn't worth the payoff in terms of excitement. It this season hadn't been so talked up and over hyped (I'm always excited for F1 but I did notice the press talking it up more this preseason) perhaps the talk wouldn't be this bad.
I agree with you Lancer. All this talk of a level playing field in terms of cars, and a lot really good drivers on the track, the tires, plus the no-refueling rule (I personally enjoyed watching the tactical games played with pit stops) set the bar pretty high. It wasn't anymore boring than any race last year, and it had some decent moments. I think it's more the circuit than anything else. We'll see how things go in Australia.
I was mainly really surprised by how big of a gap there was between the Red Bulls and Ferraris and then everyone else...they all looked so close coming into this race. And Sauber, wtf happened? I'm wondering if they'll come back on a cooler track or what.

Renault was a pleasant surprise for me, closer to the front than I was expecting. Petrov was doing pretty well before he retired, good for him. Hulkenberg did not impress on his debut...but we'll see what happens to him. And Force India! They are looking strong this year, I think they're right where they kept saying they were going to be (solid points fighters). I really would love to see them keep it up, or even catch up further.

Bravo to Lotus for making the distance...I feel like they've gotta be pretty smug about that after Virgin falling by the wayside, and rightfully so. They're building a team in the right way methinks...methodical. Schumacher was kinda up and down, but he came back on Rosberg in race pace as it went on...I think it'll be interesting to see if Rosberg can continue to spar with him or if Schumacher's going to get comfortable and walk all over him.
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