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Full Version: Tripod Recommendation
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Looking to get a good Tripod for some Night Photography and some landscape shooting.
Stable and Good built. Curious to what you guys use and would recommend.

My Gear:
Canon 7D
Canon 70-200 2.8 IS
Sigma 10-20mm 4L
Tamron 28-75 2.8
john jovic
If I had to buy just a single tripod then I would probably buy a Manfrotto 055, either Aluminium or one of the composite/cf/graphite jobs. It's a capable tripod that will last.

I DON'T have to have a single tripod so I have many, and each has it's merits.

For night work, and almost all my photography, I use a Gitzo G-1504 Tele Studex with a centre column fitted. It's a huge bitch, it's heavy, and expensive but it's worth every cent. There's a composite version available now but I wouldn't like to clamp onto that whilst I have no hesitation doing so on the Aluminium version. If you have the means then I highly recommend picking one up, but only if you donít have to lug it around very far from your car/studio whatever.

I have the Manfrotto 055 (2 of them actually) which comes in handy for lots of stuff including partial rig shots;

The Manfrotto 190 is good for partial rig shots too as it's lighter and easier to setup. It's a nice tripod for travel but a bit too weak for general use and certainly not as a main tripod.

I guess these don't really count as tripods, but they have thee legs!

I've made some tripods too. This one is a being used as a car mount but the guts of it (the blue bit) can be used for custom tripod applications. I've used it with legs where the legs are attached, maybe clamped to the car (or whatever), and the top of the legs attach to the blue bit where the camera is mounted.

I also have a very simple aluminium plate with a tripod head in the middle and adjustable feet at the edges. It's sits at ground level, lower than most tripods can be setup, and is great for that specific application.

Horses for course, but have a look at the Gitzo's, they are made to last.

Thanks for the great info. I didn't expect the detail explanation but it was good to have. thumbs_up.gif smile.gif
I will look into the Gitzo's, the one you have is pretty sweet..but too expensive for me.
I want to spend max $300.
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