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Full Version: Please recommend a bag.
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I currently have:

1 body
1 superzoom lens
1 small price (50mm)
4 pocketwizard transceivers
4 hotshoe flashes
Assorted filters/gels/memory/wiring/accessories

I currently use a Canon camera bag like this

but it's far from ideal and I end up having to stack up stuff and pull out everything to get to something, etc.

Eventually i'd like to add a tele (70-200), a walkaround, and a UWA lens, so i'd like a bag that is able to accommodate those going forward.

Thank you for your time and recommendations.
I would simply say have a look at Lowepro's stuff. From there you just choose a bag that suits you!
Or Tamrac. I won a couple Tamrac bags a couple years ago in a photo competition & man, I friggen love my bags. Ok, I do need a bigger one now, but still. Rock solid design & build which survives everything.
Lowepro's Flipside 400AW is a great bag cool.gif
I use a Think Tank Airport International 2 roller bag, having wheels is really nice. You can fit a lot of shit in it too, if you get creative (mine fits 2 bodies, straps, 16-35, 24-105, 35, 50, 85, 135, 70-200, 3 transcievers, sync cables, a 580, cards, camera batteries, AA batteries, Lee filters/brackets, misc other crap) and it fits into an overhead compartment on any flight. it also has a configuration option that lets you fit a 15" laptop in there as well, I don't have that though

I know some folks use Pelican cases as well which are nice because you can also sit on them if you're at a track event for example

edit: if you're going to be hiking or doing stuff where you can't really wheel the bag around this Think bag is probably not the best option for you, it's gets quite heavy if you have to actually carry it whistle.gif
I currently use a Dakine Sequence Bag.

Like I've mentioned before, I first saw this bag being used by the Photo Patrol at Whistler. These guys were powing around in fresh powder, caked in snow with their packs on.

I don't know what the weather is like for you, or how much you travel, but this bag is well worth it for weather reasons.

I sold my other Dakine Mission bag to Will Stern, I think he loves it.
Mike Boldt
The only problem I found with the Dakine Sequence when I owned it was, hard to get at my gear quickly and not enough space.

Right now I have a Lowepro Stealth Reporter 600 which is a great side bag, CompuTrekker Plus for my backpack, Tamrac Velocity 10X for my sling bag (use it for events), and a Pelican 1510 for travel and when I do bigger shoots with all my gear... I love all of these bags and they all serve their own purpose. Maybe look into a CompuTrekker from lowepro, fits quite a bit and should be OK with the gear you've listed.
QUOTE(Mike Boldt @ Mar 15 2010, 12:58 AM) *
The only problem I found with the Dakine Sequence when I owned it was, hard to get at my gear quickly and not enough space\

Thats the downside to it opening on the part facing your back, but helps with protection.

I'm never in a situation to rip my camera out real fast.
Jacob Photo
I use a pelican 1510. I have the Canon 200EG backpack that I use as dividers inside the pelican
QUOTE(`nT @ Mar 12 2010, 05:14 AM) *
Lowepro's Flipside 400AW is a great bag cool.gif

I have the Lowerpro Flipside 400AW and it's great at storing everything I have.
With any superzoom lens, I will always go for my Kata HB-207. When I'm carrying around the camera with some standard lenses and need room for accessories, then I use the Kata DR-466.
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