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Full Version: DS F1 Competition Points System
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So as per this thread, please vote on which points system you prefer for the DS F1 competition.

1) The original system: 3 points for guessing a driver in his actual finishing position, 1 point for guessing a driver within the top ten.
2) clarkma's suggestion: 5 points for guessing a driver in his actual finishing position, 3 points for being 1 position off, 2 points for being 2 positions off, 1 point for being 1 position off; 1 point for guessing fastest lap (optional)
3) bobo27's suggestion: You get the same # of points as the driver gets only if you guess their position exactly right, 20 point bonus for fastest lap.
4) something else: any other ideas you might have!

I know tune is the one running this thing and I've sorta hijacked this whole discussion so I'll definitely volunteer myself to set him up with a nice usable spreadsheet that does all of the scoring if he wants help with that, or whatever help he might want for this.
Yeah I liked the competition before you got involved tongue.gif

Just kidding, I think your system (as above and first suggested in the competition thread) is good. My system before was the only thing that seemed sort of fair and predicting 8 drivers was just about the limit I guess for predictions that were incorrect, but in the top 8 still. Now that it's a top 10 it makes it seem more silly.

My system, allowing points for having a driver in your prediciton but in the wrong place was based on the fact that you can't predicted the unpredicted (not accurately at least - skr was pretty good at it!) so example a driver is winning and then gets a puncture on lap 60 out of 65 and is demoted to 3rd as a result - you feel hard done by, but that's racing.

I like your proposal and I think it achieves the same as my proposal, but in a much fairer/accurate way. I knew my system wasn't perfect, but there weren't any other credible suggestions.

As much as I don't wish to bash you bobo, I just don't think the tieing in with F1 points works, it is completely unfair when the aim is to award accuracy. As I have said in the past it can be just as difficult to predict the winner as it is 8th place - especially in wet races.

The only thing I would tweak Clark is the Fastest Lap points - I think it should be more than 1 point because it can be difficult.
Example only 9 fastest laps were correctly predicted last season in the competition out of 112 guesses! Add to that that 10 different drivers got fastest laps last year out of 17 races. I think based on that it should be at least 3 points, if not 5 for the correct fastest lap.

Let me know what you think - I'll try and prepare the sheet before the race, but time is tight for me right now. If you want to send over what you have done Clark it could help.
I'm also in favor of Clarks system. Although it will be harder to see what points you get after a result (too much math to do on the couch wink.gif ) it will be a fair system.

I hope I'll be able to participate more this year. Last year I was not able to do many predictions as the season progressed.
2 points for fastest lap? 3? I went with 1 because, as I said in the competition thread, the drivers don't get any points for fastest lap so why should we place a lot of emphasis on it? Personally I would rather do points for guessing pole position, but considering we do guesses after qualifying that clearly doesn't work. I'll say this, tune, since this is your competition...we'll do my points system and you can decide what fastest lap is worth. I'll send you the spreadsheet I've developed so far to do this, it does have one little bug in it though that I haven't quite worked out.
I really should have stayed out of this, and like I said my system is in no way perfect, and i know it will not work here. I never meant to butt in like this, I know you guys have a better plan in terms of fair and balanced scoring system, so its all good, no hard feelings on my side guys...

But yea, I am super stocked about F1 being back!
I know the drivers don't get points for fastest lap, but I suggested 5 points for it because as the figures show, it seems to be a difficult thing to predict since the rule changes. I also think it should be worth 5 points because it's the same value as being on the money for predicting a driver in the right place. Does anyone have any objections to this?

I have brought up the predicting pole position thing before and it was decided that people didn't want to a) predict the whole lot before qually or cool.gif predict your Pole Pos. on it's own before qually and the rest of the prediction after.
We've debated it at length, including an option for additional points for predicting before qualifying against those who predict after. Unless people have had a change of heart over the winter, I think we should leave it be - top 10 and FL.
Top 10 and fastest lap sounds good to me. I'm going to be predicting Bahrain before qualifying since I'm out of town, but I'm fine with not getting any extra points for that, it's a long season...
Dr. Strangelove
Well the within 3 places thing is winning. What is it going to be?
I sent tune a spreadsheet setup for my points system and he says he'll use it, soooo I think that's what's going on! Tune should confirm/edit the F1 competition thread if that is the case.
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