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Full Version: have a problem with LCD
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recently i buy a Samsung 20"" LCD and it s conected on my laptop , the problem is , the lcd it s on Normal MODE and the photo have an yellow tent , and on laptop , the photo have an blue tent. where is the true color ? on the laptop or LCD ?
Blue Devil


ok... can't help you with that one.. but... if the monitors had a tint that might make things easier...

how about you check on a 3rd computer??

let's hope it doesn't have a

sorry dude.. couldn't help it... I have no idea.. but check on a 3rd computer to see what it looks like? someone else might have a better idea.
i check a 17"LG monitor and it s like my LCD on Normal MODE
There is no way of knowing which screen has the right white balance without a calibration tool.
There are very few displays that come calibrated from factory and they usually cost a lot.
Most cheap displays are not 100% accurate even if you calibrate them.
You also need to know if your picture has a correct white balance if you want to use it as a reference.
Also depending what kind of light you have in your room will affect the result of the white balance.
Many people use 6500K as a reference and it has some yellow tint. Personally i prefer to work with a bit colder WB.
thx for information but this photo how she look ? grey or a litle yellow ?!

Well on my screen it looks pretty neutral, but there is yellow saturation on the ground and the building.

You need to understand that when you use flashes, you mix different kinds of white balance unless its totally dark outside.
You have ambient lighting (the sun) and depending on what time of the day you will have different balance.
Your flashes also operate on a fixed white balance.
Sometimes you also have street lights.
So you are mixing different kinds of lighting.
In Photoshop you need to set the right white balance before editing.
The easiest way to do that is to shoot RAW.
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