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Full Version: Urban Tilt Shift Video
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Pretty sweet video with cool music.
I love tilt-shift, although it pissed me off when toyota used it for their tv commercials without really using any great shots of it so you couldnt really tell it was there most of the time. What precisely do they do to achieve the effect? I know its a special lens but what does it do other than make the focal point at a precisely small distance. Or is that really it? If so why doesnt there seem to be any real time video shot in it?
Often the tilt shift effect is achieved in Post (especially on photos), and I'm guessing the same can be done for a video....I don't know about this video though. The way that the effect is achieved is that the lens plain is different from the 'film plain'. So basically the lens does not sit parallel to the recording medium (sensor or film) and this lets the effect happen. If one has a really good lens (or camera) one can tilt the lens not only vertically but also horizontally, allowing the plain of focus to be laid vertically across the frame, not just horizontally.

That should help explain it a little.
John Potts
Pretty bad ass considering he didnt use a dslr/hd video camera nor did he use a tilt shift.
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