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Full Version: Creating a realistic shadow of a car
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I have an image of a car shot in a studio, now i want to put it in this background but i am having a hard time making a shadow;
does anyone mind sharing a technique?
I don't have anything to show right now (nor do I know of any tutorial out there yet), but I have found that creating multiple shadows gives the most realistic results. For eg: one right below the car, nice & soft. Then another which is almost in the shape of the car, in the opposite direction to your light source.

The most I ever had to do for a shadow was this image:

Its a little old, but I remember spending ages trying to get the shadow right. I asked several people what they thought of the shadow & tried to make something from there.
I still don't think its perfect, but it kinda works if you don't stare at it for too long. tongue.gif
i think it looks believable.

So did you just duplicate the layer of the car and fill it with a black to transparent gradient?
Nike SB'd
I can tell you exactly how to do it cool.gif

Take a frame where you have a good shadow, exactly the shape you want to use on the new BG. adjust the levels so that the BG is completely white. Next go in with a brush and paint white over where the car is so that all you have is a plain white canvas with a black shadow and some mid-tones where it fades. Next copy that whole layer into the image that you're working on. Test different blending modes, multiply is probably going to work the best - that way it will knock out all the highlights and only add the shadow tones to the image. You might need two or even three layers and some masking to get it 100% believable. I used this technique to do the opposite of what you're trying to do for DS challenge #2. I took the stock image mackey provided and used the shadow to draw onto a plain white BG to give the illusion of a studio shot - same principle applies.

If that doesn't work for you you can always create the shadow 100% from scratch using the pen tool to create paths. If you check my blog post I briefly explain how I created the shadow for this image

Best of luck! If you get stuck just PM me and I'll try to further help.
And thats the way the cookie crumbles. Nice build up Sean!
I have a hard time seeing myself doing a moving shadow that believable, but I guess with some training it could be decent.
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