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Full Version: Dragon Age Origins
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So I finally got around to buying my copy of Dragon Age Origins this weekend.
I'm like an excited little kid, I get home, pop the DVD in the drive, start the install... go make some coffee while I wait.
Come back 10 minutes later: Install Error.
Try again, install everything to default.
Gets to extracting "textures.rar" & I get a CRC error.
I swear a bit, but no biggie.
I check online for the "textures.rar" install file to replace my obviously corrupt on (off the DVD too! >_< )
Seems hundreds of people have this same issue. All of them with different random .rar files that have the game files in them.
I've been reading endless pages on how to "fix" this issue. I've tried almost all of them. From repairing the rar, to extracting over a network to another PC, to installing via network, to re-installing winrar, to standing on my head while watching Jennifer's Body getting happy.

Long story short, I'm totally pissed off that the game creators know about the problem. Constantly release little notes saying, "we're working on the problem". Nothing is happening. I have wasted my money & time.

Does anyone have this game, who DIDN'T run into any CRC errors pls PM me. I would be eternally grateful if you could help me out.
haha glad i'm not the only photographer who still wastes time playing games
lol, yeah. I feel so guilty when I play games. There's a billion other things I have to work on, but I'm not. whistle.gif
I downloaded the game and it worked fine. Return the game and try that?
Yeah seriously, download the SKIDROW release and use your legit key...
Play it on Xbox like I did.
I heard PC versions better. Graphics-wise at least.
QUOTE(DB9 @ Feb 22 2010, 04:48 PM) *
I heard PC versions better. Graphics-wise at least.

You heard?

Protip: Every multi-platform game in the past 3 years looks better on a mid-high end PC, mostly due to much higher resolutions.
Hey, if I reinstall Windows 7 on my MBP, I might actually be able to run AvP2! biggrin.gif

don't even bother. this game is incredibly boring.

I rented it after beating Mass Effect (the first one) expecting more of the same awesomeness, if not that then at least a KOTOR. What I got sounded like the D&D geeks who hang out outside my office on friday nights.

I really haven't thought much about it since returning the game.
QUOTE(Flaw @ Feb 22 2010, 07:22 PM) *
You heard?

Protip: Every multi-platform game in the past 3 years looks better on a mid-high end PC, mostly due to much higher resolutions.

I wish I could afford to keep up with the PC Gaming industry sad.gif I gave up after CS:S
I've never owned a computer worthy of playing a game on a computer. My only requirement is that they be light enough to lug around frequently, and can take care of all my work. That's why I've always stuck to consoles.
My 360 is the first time I have ever had a console that was current. It's awesome to be able to read about upcoming titles I want to play and not have to think "oh gee, I hope I don't need a new video card to run that."
I mostly console these days because I don't want shitty DRM fucking with my computer. I could pirate but I'm just too lazy. That and I like Xbox Live. Only thing I've been playing lately is my PSP and FFX on the PS2.
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