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Full Version: Rally Sweden!
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I totally missed the start of the rally season, but downloaded a torrent from Motors TV. My god is the coverage bad. Nothing but in-car shots from bad angles, and the announcer sounds like he normally covers cricket or something. He is silent for like five minutes at a time.

Things look interesting, apparently the surface was pretty challenging, since it changed from snow to ice to gravel as each driver passed.

Hirvonen looks much faster than anyone else, but that might be his favorable starting position.

Raikkonen is struggling a little bit, but that's to be expected.

Peter Solberg is surprisingly slow considering the pace he set with the C4 at the end of 2009.

What were your thoughts?
Peter Solberg is driving a 2009 spec car, different from his 2004 spec he drove in 2009. Also, part of the hype of the season was Marcus Gronholm returning to WRC. I have not seen past WRC seasons and really know nothing about past world champions other than Loeb(and maybe a tad bit about Richard Burns), but I always enjoy seeing world champions returning to their sport. Seems like the success of Loeb (maybe rightfully so) is overshadowing his return nonetheless in general, least Hirvonen's extraordinary runs in Sweden.

Personally I think it's a great start for Hirvonen, and although it's way to early to make a prediction, I think it could be his season. I'd like to see Latvala and Sordo on the podium more though..
They doubled the length of the coverage this year, which is what I was always hoping they would do. Granted, I wanted them to do it because I wanted them to focus on more people, and do coverage in a more complete stage-by-stage manner, which they're not doing...they're using the extra time predominantly to do more in-car camera work. Personally, I like that, because if the rallies get a little dull (they often do), I'll still gladly sit in awe of them blasting down the roads at a million billion miles an hour. I really hated the announcer too at first, but I grew used to him and it's OK...not great but OK.

Anyway, as for the rally, Hirvonen found his extra gear when he normally wilts. If that is how he's going to be for the rest of the season, then the title's his, but it's too soon to tell. Also, calm Latvala is a change of pace but not entirely a bad thing...
QUOTE(skr @ Feb 19 2010, 08:14 PM) *
Peter Solberg is driving a 2009 spec car, different from his 2004 spec he drove in 2009.

Didn't Solberg have a C4 for the end of the season last year?
Sounds exciting, I'd already read the race results, but I'll download the race and watch i when I get a chance.
I noticed that Eurosport is covering the olympics pretty hardcore, is that why MotorsTV seems to be one of the only englsih broadcasts of WRC?

EDIT: I checked out MotorsTV's forums, looks like they are more than willing to take constructive criticism. Hopefully next round will take some of this into account.

EDIT2: Wasn't Discovery HD supposed to be broadcasting all of the 2010 season in HD?
I'm echoing most of what's been said, but anyway. The commentator is terrible compared to the guy from last season, worse than my opinion of Jonathan Legard when he started on F1.

I agree that increasing the length of the show to include more drivers or stages was what I wanted and it seems they have just increased it with in car footage.

A great start from Hirvonen, lets hope he can keep it up, I like him, but I'm not a fan of Malcolm Wilson, so I don't mind if Loeb wins also, but would be a nice change.
Actually, my friend who is working at Prodrive right now, is up in Cumbria for a 2 day trial at M Sport, with the possibility of joining the Ford WRT for the rest of the season on Electrics.

I'd like to see what Raikkonen can do with a fault free run, but it was always going to be tough.

Dave are still showing WRC this season, but I didn't catch there coverage, so I can't really comment. Might be worth checking out if you can find a download somewhere.
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