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Full Version: DSCOTY 2010: Performance Sedans
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For more on the DieselStation Car of the Year 2010 competition, please see this thread.

Aston Martin Rapide
Base MSRP:
Available Engines: 6.0 liter V12 with 470 HP and 443 ft.-lbs of torque
Available Transmissions: 6-speed automatic
Available Drivetrains: Rear wheel drive
EPA Fuel Economy: 10 City/18 Highway
Curb Weight: 4299 lbs.

Jaguar XFR
Base MSRP:
Available Engines: 5.0 liter supercharged V8 with 510 HP with 461 ft.-lbs of torque
Available Transmissions: 6-speed automatic
Available Drivetrains: Rear wheel drive
EPA Fuel Economy: 15 City/21 Highway
Curb Weight: 4306 lbs.

Mercedes E63 AMG
Base MSRP:
Available Engines: 6.3 liter V8 with 518 HP and 465 ft.-lbs of torque
Available Transmissions: 7-speed automatic
Available Drivetrains: Rear wheel drive
EPA Fuel Economy: 13 City/20 Highway
Curb Weight: 4084 lbs.

Porsche Panamera
Base MSRP:
Available Engines: 4.8 liter V8 with 400 HP and 369 ft.-lbs of torque, 4.8 liter turbcharged V8 with 500 HP and 516 ft.-lbs of torque
Available Transmissions: 6-speed manual, 7-speed automatic (PDK)
Available Drivetrains: Rear wheel drive, all wheel drive
EPA Fuel Economy: 16 City/24 Highway (S and 4S with PDK), 15/23 (Turbo)
Curb Weight: 3968-4343 lbs.

fiber optic
You know you're in expensive company when an AMG Mercedes looks like a bargain.
XFR hands down.
Panamera, there's something about the interior that I can't put aside. Not to mention, most of the articles I have read say it doesn't handle like something of it's size, and is pretty fucking quick.
Mercedes or Jaguar, Mercedes or Jaguar?!?!?
Panamera. The Rapide is really just a stupid, stupid thing to me, and while I liked the XF when it came out, I've grown bored of it very quickly...the Mercedes is nice, one of the best Mercedes in ages, but the Porsche is like a lear jet on wheels, and that has to win.
I voted for the Aston. Just look at it. Inside Line and a few others said it's well worth the entry price too if you factor in the exclusivity of the car.

Aston is too expensive, and who wants a four door Aston when the two doors are so nice?

I loved the E55 AMG, this E class can suck it.

The Jaguar is nice, but in a class like this I want AWD.
Like others I'm between the Jag and the Merc....I'm going to sit on this..
Rapide: The most boring car of the lot. Proof that AM couldnt design a new car if their life depended on it.
Merc: I have no idea how good or bad it is. I dont like the new Merc front end though.
Panamera: Amazing performance but just looks weird in person.
XFR: Very pretty and a nice little soundtrack to accompany the looks.

Since there is not CTS-V in this group i will vote for the XFR.
The Panamera gets my vote, no question. Love the looks inside and out and by all accounts it's a fantastic drive. I'm quite fond of the Rapid too, it's just not really anything new and soooo expensive.
Dr. Strangelove
The Panamera is bleh.gif
XFR, it just ticks all the boxes.

I see a Panamera Turbo everyday at University, its growing on me, atleast in black.

I love AMG in general, but the interior of the E is a big let down, and the outside is boring. I like the S and C, but this...nah

(To be honest I'd still take the now 5 year old M5 over all of these, even with its faults, but thats because I'm a douche and fanboy...)
If I had the money, it would be the Rapide. In reality, it would be the jag.
Saw the E63 today on the freeway, going with that, wow that car was sick..
^Owner of an auto sound shop let me ride in his E63 AMG. It's nice, but i feel bored with it after a while.
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