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Full Version: New computer build problem
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i googled and tried everything computer experts have suggested....

i can turn on my setup when the mobo is out of the computer case.....but it cannot start up when the board is inside the i have determined that the problem is the case causing short circuit on the board......weird....

the standoffs are pre-installed when i got the they are their to isolate the board from the case....therefore the motherboard is not touching the case

any insights????.....
go get non conductive washers from home depot and put them on both sides of the motherboard. i.e. where the stand offs are. I forget what the washer are made from but they are this burnt orange color.
thx.....i just realized that my psu is not enough to power my new setup.....great....didn't research enough before buying..... head.gif
what PSU did you get? if it's a newer PC you will need 700 watts... i have 700Watt cooler master that powers 2x nvidia 250GTS, 4 HDDs and intel i7-920... no system issues so far.
what i've received and i have tried to power it up with my old PSU with 1x12V@24A:

- AthlonII x4 630
- Gigabyte MA785GT-UD3H
- 2x2GB OCZ DDR3 platinum CL 7-7-7-20
- Antec two hundred case

What i'm waiting:

- Thermaltake TR2 500W PSU (W0379RU) (2x12V @ total 43A)
- XFX Radeon HD5770 with version 1 fan....don't ask why....i didn't do enough research to know that version 2 fan cools better....
- 1.5TB WD green 64mb cache
I would've recommended the Antec 300 over the 200 (since I own the 300), but they're essentially the same case with a different front (the 300 is cleaner imo). As far as the fan on the GFX is concerned, its one of the easiest things to replace/upgrade, so no worries there. I would've also gone with a faster HDD, or at least get a smaller/faster one for your OS. The Green's are decent for archiving/storing, but not so much for boot times and performance. That PSU should be plenty powerful for this setup.
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