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Full Version: Indy Car Concepts
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Dr. Strangelove
The Dallara Concepts look the most normal:

I really like the exposed engine in the Swift concept:

Here is a look at the Delta Wing concept:

This thing looks like it was designed by a 4th grader in class. Crazy!

Can't seem to find anything on the Lola pitch...

What do you guys think?
*Sniff* *sniff*... do I smell... desperation?
How does the "delta" turn exactly?
I really liked the Swift concept:
fiber optic
QUOTE(porsche944 @ Feb 10 2010, 10:04 PM) *
How does the "delta" turn exactly?

Probably like a boat...a big one.
Hell yeah, all the nights playing Ridge Racer and bong hits are finally paying off.
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