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Full Version: DSCOTY 2010: Boy Racers
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For more on the DieselStation Car of the Year 2010 competition, please see this thread.

Mazdaspeed 3
Base MSRP:
Available Engines: 2.3 liter DOHC DISI turbo inline-4 with 263 HP and 280 ft.-lbs of torque
Available Transmissions: 6-speed manual
Available Drivetrains: Front wheel drive
EPA Fuel Economy: 19 City/25 Highway
Curb Weight: 3221 lbs.

Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback Ralliart
Base MSRP:
Available Engines: 2.0 liter DOHC MIVEC turbo inline-4 with 237 HP and 253 ft.-lbs of torque
Available Transmissions: 6-speed TC-SST
Available Drivetrains: All wheel drive
EPA Fuel Economy: 17 City/25 Highway
Curb Weight: 3572 lbs.

Volkswagen GTI
Base MSRP:
Available Engines: 2.0 liter turbo inline-4 with 200 HP and 207 ft.-lbs of torque
Available Transmissions: 6-speed manual, 6-speed DSG
Available Drivetrains: Front wheel drive
EPA Fuel Economy: 21 City/31 Highway (manual), 24/32 (auto)
Curb Weight: 3034-3113 lbs.

Something about the sportback doesn't look right. I'm not a fan at all. Also, $4,000 over the rest (and $3,000 over a WRX!!!) is way too much to pay for what is essentially an AWD system. And no manual option? No thanks.

GTI is nice, but I barely look when I see one anymore, MKVI probably wont change that until the 2.0R comes along. I also wish the VW had a bit more power than its predecesor.

Mazdaspeed is good looking, has lots of power, and is kinda badassed. Gets my vote.
The Lancer is awkward looking, has no manual option, and overpriced. So that takes it out of the running for me.

The Mazdaspeed and VW pose a tough decision. From what I've read though, the GTI is a sweeter drive, not to mention better built. However the newest MS 3's are just so sexy looking...though it looks like someone puked out red Gatorade all over the interior...
I cannot comment on the Sportback, as we don't get that here in SA, but as you guys mentioned, on paper at least, it looks like the worst bargain here.

I can however comment on the Mazda and the GTI. We had both of them at the mag at the same time, and the GTI wins so hands down it's unbelievable.
The build quality on the GTI is years ahead, not to say the Mazda is bad(I would drive it, no doubt), it's just that the Golf is so much better. The Golf as a whole feels like a more solidly built car than the Mazda, and that's a huge factor for me. Resale on the Golf will be much better than the Mazda (I would assume that that's worldwide and not just here....)
We tested them both, and the Golf manages a 6.6s 0-100km/h with its 'meager' 155kW, whereas the Mazda only manages a 6.8s 0-100km/h with its 190kW. The power is really all lost with this car. The torque steer is also terrible compared to the Golf.
The Mazda has a decent manual box, but it really doesn't touch the Golf's manual option box, plus (if you want) there is the option of VWs sweet DSG box on the Golf.
This really is a no contest in terms of which one is the better performer.
If you wanna stand out from the crowd and not be one of the gabazillion drones driving the GTI, then maybe the Mazda is not such a bad choice.
I vote Golf!
This new MS3 is ugly, the Ralliart is weak and overpriced, and the GTI is a Volkswagen.

EDIT: Moe, is that a typo about the GTI's weight? If not, that's a terrible car.
QUOTE(Razor @ Feb 10 2010, 05:14 PM) *
This new MS3 is ugly, the Ralliart is weak and overpriced, and the GTI is a Volkswagen.

EDIT: Moe, is that a typo about the GTI's weight? If not, that's a terrible car.

It is, I should've realized that when I was entering weights for the Terrain. This would actually weigh more than a fully-loaded GMC...which is ridiculous. I'll fix it ASAP.
I went with the GTI. I was really between all of them and they ALL have their strengths, but I feel that the GTI really has the overall package. The Mitsu Sportback, while cool and close to the Evo, I haven't heard the greatest reviews of the TC-SST(or w/e stupid name they gave it) and I'd want this car to be an Evo and not what it is. The Mazda, they're cool, but I like the older generations much more.
Being that I was a former MS3 owner (1st gen), I HATE the new look of the MS3.

BUT, it gets my vote. tongue.gif
Tough vote between the MS3 and the GTI...I went for the GTI because it looks so damned good (the MS3 definitely does me, it's not very good in pictures, and far worse in the flesh) and I love the little personal executive-jet-on-wheels vibe it gives me. Also, like the Golf, props to it being everything the MkVI should've been (though I'm hoping they come out with a gutsier motor and/or a more hardcore model in the next year or two...and no, I don't mean the Golf R, which a couple notches farther up the ladder).

That said, props to Mazda for refining the MS3's performance feel and suspension tuning this time around. Now if only they had combined 2009's styling with 2010's chassis...
You've heard it before, and i've seen it with my own eyes: You can pull up to any snob/fancy hotel an the GTI will look good. It looks good everywhere. Interior is pure sex too. Leagues beyond the other two, and I'm by no means a VAGina fanboy.
GTI thumbs_up.gif

I like the fact that VWs don't look cheap.
Get your votes in if you haven't. This thread will lock tomorrow. I think the Mazdaspeed 3 needs about 9 more votes.
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