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Full Version: Color Calibration Profile Question
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I calibrated my monitor with my Spyder2 and it made the colors really warm. I believe these colors are correct, but honestly I liked how it looked originally with the cooler whites, ect. Is there a way to make the color calibration profile turn on ONLY for Photoshop Cs4? Right now the warm colors carry thru to every program on my computer, desktop menus, and everything. I'm running Windows 7 if that helps.
Having the colours displayed correctly through-out is kinda the point isn't it?

I stand to be corrected, but if you running Nvidia, you can set it up to apply colour profiles to only selected apps/games/etc. I know I've seen it somewhere on my system before, but I've never done it because I like to think that I'm seeing the colours as they were intended to be.
i tried the spyder 2 before and messed up with my monitor. I use the i one display 2 now. Try and to make an environmental light check before calibration. Do the calibration in the time of the day you use to edit you're shots because the ambient light influences you're colors on the monitor a lot. Are you sure you calibrated it correctly?? Did you have the pro or home software? if you don't have the pro search for it maybe it will improve you're calibration. What kind of display are you using? The newer ones with hybrid light are not very compatible with the spyer 2.
what's the main reason for going for true calibration? are you having issues with colors/temps being off in print?

Usually, depending on the printer, you can get color profiles to run inside photoshop from specific printers. I run nvidia, my color settings are set to application controlled.

I've never used a Spyder or calibration system tho sad.gif
Thanks for the replies guys. I figured out that I can just apply the default color profile or switch back to the Spyder one in the control panel pretty easily. But the problem was that when I calibrated it, it was really too dark in the room with just one light on that's got a kind of orangy/warm color hue to it, so thanks Dragos. I re-did it when the lights up how I usually edit and the colors aren't as warm anymore so I'm good to go. I didn't know the ambient light would affect the results so much. Oh this is on my XPS16 laptop with the 1080p screen.
glad you figure it out! the monitor calibration make such a big difference. My dell was way to saturated for doing proper work on it!
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