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Full Version: red-eye reduction not Working on 7d
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Using the built in flash - I am getting a lot of red eye in my photos anyone else having the same problem?
Maybe your 7D didn't come with the fool-proof red eye reduction kit...

edit: Jokes aside, there is a science behind why you even get what is known as red-eye. I'm not going to go into full detail, but do read this to learn more about why & how.

Basically, you're going to get red-eye no matter how many times you "pre-flash" the poor unsuspecting deer-in-headlights. The wikipedia article goes into how to avoid it.
Travis Geny
"red eye" isn't much a concern with most advanced shooters as we tend to use off camera flash. What are you taking photos of or rather, what are you attempting to achieve? I hope some poor girl isn't taking her shirt off for this... no offense.

FYI your camera has built in ETTL, so you can use a 580EXII or even a 430EX in slave mode and get your flash off your camera without having to purchase radio triggers etc if you don't want to. Read the user manual, that camera has TONS of functionality that will help you achieve much better results that what the built-in flash can achieve.
5 second fix in photoshop anyway.. what's the big deal?
Blue Devil
build in flash is the devil!!!!

how about you grab that stinky pop up flash and rip it off from the camera... wink.gif

ok maybe no.. here is a quick tip for the pop up flash... that I did in a couple of personal parties back when I had just gotten my rebel xt (now i shoot with a 5d Mk II no pop up flash!!! yey!)

grab a small mirror and put it front of the pop up flash... so it reflect the light back at you.. now angle it 45 degrees so it fires up the bounces off the ceiling. you can angle it more 50 60 depending of how far your subject is... flash compensation to plus 1 or 2... since you will loose some power because of all the bouncing...

no more red eye.. no more crappy light... but diffused light....

here is another one... if you have a wall close to you... and the wall is a warm color... align the mirror so you bounce the light off the wall.. now you have nice directional diffused light... wink.gif
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