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Full Version: Do you ever use a beauty dish for lighting cars?
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I just saw an image lit by two strobes through beauty dishes, the lighting looked real nice and even and clean, does anyone ever do this?
Don't know... never used mine for car pics. I guess you need to use an extra diffusor or grid.
The light reflection is pretty narrow and strong close up.
I usually like it to be very wide like with bare bulb or spill light reflectors.
Post the pic!

edit: or do you mean a ringflash? its not the same as a beauty dish
yeah here is the outcome...............

and here is the set up;
Hm, it looks like he is using a high output beuty dish. You would get the same resault with a wide reflector.
But the thing is that such big reflectors adds weight + risk of falling so I would not work often with such setup outdoors.
Get some superwide reflectors, spill kill or maybe PLMR 7 reflectors instead.
The old AB beuty dish is heavy as hell. Dont know about the new one.
i have the new one, its not that bad actually. Ill do some experimenting and see :0
damn 4 months after i buy my white bd, they come out w/ a silver one...meh...
I'd be interested in getting some of these too to even out my lighting. But I think by B800s aren't strong enough, I think i would require the B1600s. thoughts?
Tony Yeung
From what I have read a beauty dish at far distance acts like a silver umbrella. I guess since he uses a sock for diffusion you can use a soft box too?
i used a beauty dish because i forgot my silver reflector thing, pics and lighting came out great
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