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Full Version: SLS in a tunnel
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I too saw this on Autoblog.

As for now, I think it's fake. Otherwise it wouldn't be so over dramatic, and more important: If they did it for real, they would be screaming it from the rooftops, and post multiple behind the scenes video's and what not.

I'm also still wondering if the Top Gear stunt with the Twingo is fake or not. It looked more realistic, but IMO the same as I said here above yields.
I partially think it's real, but with the effectiveness of CGI today, it's hard to tell.
It's gotta be fake. The camera shot from when the car hits the first ramp is essentially right in the cars path and it would be obliterated. Plus they wouldn't have put the firemen right there if it were real.
Hahaha that was a great game. That track is wild too.
Fake or not, I thought it was cool as hell.
QUOTE(BlackJack @ Jan 10 2010, 04:13 PM) *
Hahaha that was a great game. That track is wild too.

IS a great game, I still play it, Im #1 in CT
I used to play trackmania all the time. Now only once in a awhile. A track like that I would never be able to complete in like the 10 minutes it gives you. There's so many places to mess up on a track like that.
yah that track is on my server, took me almost 2 hrs straight to finish it for the first time, but fullspeed tracks are all about preconcieved anticipation either way
Yeah that's pretty fake looking. I'm really liking the car though!
Yeah, this video has really made me like this car. Those gullwings are cool as all hell.
And yeah, of course it's fake.
Production of that video is of a properly high (and therefor very very cool) standard.
yea, those are definitely models/actors, not engineers/firemen. cool commercial though.
Wow, I love the micro-cinematic style! Damn!
Anyone seen the Schumacher version? They basically just pasted Schumi's face into the place of the driver in the original.
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