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Full Version: Photoshop Battle Contest #3 - Street2Streak Challenge
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With the photoshop battle getting into full swing & popularity, I bring you the Dieselstation Forums Photoshop Contest #3 - Street2Streak Challenge

Instead of posting 1 RAW file, I'm hereby challenging you to use 3 exposure bracketed JPGs to create your image. I wish I could have posted RAW's, but unfortunately I shot this in JPG, as I was on another assignment shooting local celebs for a movie, then got asked to shoot a couple cars (this car being one of them) as background prop elements. So I ran outside to do that quickly.

You can either blend the 3 images together to create a HDR (check the alignment), or take the 0EV shot & work from that. You will also notice that I shot it lower down to get the least reflections in the bodywork & also to get the nicest highlights. My original idea was to deep etch the car & drop it in somewhere else. You can do whatever you want. The image has huge potential, so it would be great to see it!

1. There are no real rules, do whatever you want, just remember you'll be judged by your peers and other competitors - so BE CREATIVE! The only reason I won the previous challenge was because I was creative with my image, not because I had special ninja PS skillz.
2. Posted pictures should have a resolution no larger than 1200px in width
3. Every picture posted, regardless of final or not, should have this DS logo Mackey created. (It's a PNG File, Right Click Save As) Download Here
4. All entries should be emailed to me, seethegrimflb (at) I'll assign you a random number.
5. Deadline: Wednesday, January 13, 2009 (I will post entries the 14th)
6. This is a private DS challenge. Please don't post the images as your own on other forums, websites, etc. DS only please guys.
7. My new rule: if you did something really cool with your image, please do give a brief description of what you did if someone asks. You don't have to give away secrets, just general thinking. This is a challenge, but also a really great learning curve for all of us. So lets keep it in the DS spirit & share.

Download images here: CLICK HERE
(My web server is currently being moved over to new servers, so I couldn't upload to my hosting, I had to use a 3rd party)

The Image (1200px wide)
Sweet. Thanks grimmy.
I missed the last one out, so I'll have a go at this one smile.gif
Blue Devil
I'll give this one a go... smile.gif

How many people have entered so far?
So far only 4 entries in. sad.gif

I'm hoping there's more before Wednesday! Otherwise this might be a very disapointing challenge...
You should stick a post up in the main section of the forum to bump it smile.gif
I'm in! Goddamned Rapidshit is overloaded, could you upload to or something?
Rapidshare rules.

well atleast coz i have a premuim account
Yea, more people need to enter, I think this section gets a little lost except for the handful of us that actually visit it.

See if you can get an admin to move it to the main photo forum.
Konrad Janicki
I'm working on my entry but it will take some time becouse I'm not so good in it, so I will be probally the last one to send it in tongue.gif

mackey - I don't know maybe other people doesn't put so much atention to postproduction or don't have time to take part in contests
I like contests, got no cars to shoot so at least I can work on my postproduction smile.gif
k i was finally able to dl it.

damn unpremium status.
SPPhoto - Sorry about the RS upload, I just have a premium account with them, so it's the easiest to upload to. Busy uploading to Megaupload for you too. It's just taking forever.

What about extending the deadline by a couple days if I don't have at least 10 entries by tomorrow evening (16h00 GMT)? Or should I just leave it with a few entries?
Nike SB'd
I'd just leave it with a few - a deadline is a deadline IMO.
I'm with Nike about the Deadline...
Konrad Janicki
just send mine smile.gif
3 hours left till deadline closes...

Got a couple more entries, but this aint going to be a bumper challenge like the last one tho...
As the last contest proved, I simply don't have the skills to polish this turd! Next time, can the winner post an actual photo, rather than just a snap shot?
QUOTE(//deanphoto @ Jan 13 2010, 08:36 AM) *
As the last contest proved, I simply don't have the skills to polish this turd! Next time, can the winner post an actual photo, rather than just a snap shot?

Haha, I agree with this. I could use practice working with photos like this, but I just don't have the time to do it for fun right now... That said, I'm very interested to see what people came up with for this contest.
Guess we gotta wait for Seagram to come online so he can post up the edits
Yep - I'm sure it's not just me who's refreshing quite often biggrin.gif
Konrad Janicki
will have to wait till tomorrow, like Seethegrim said, he will post the entries on the 14th
can't wait to see what people did with this shot

Thats what I get for trying to move to sunny Florida, I miss another contest sad.gif
QUOTE( @ Jan 13 2010, 05:22 PM) *

Thats what I get for trying to move to sunny Florida, I miss another contest sad.gif

I'm sure if you do something super duper fast he'll accept it, haha.
Busy uploading the shots now. Will open the voting thread shortly...

(sorry for the delay, been fighting with ISP for the last 3 weeks. My connection drops like a cheap hoes knickers)
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