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Full Version: Need help unlocking a brand new ipone 3Gs
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Ok so this phone does not belong to me. BUT, one of my cousin in india got this phone from here for whatever reason and now she cant unlock it. The phone is at release 3.1.2

Anyone know what needs to be done to unlock it? I tried blackr4in but it didnt work. Any suggestions or How-tos are greatly appreciated.
Google: blacksn0w
Tried it. Didnt work.

...I've heard this is pretty simple, a couple of my friends did it without any trouble..
Just recently unlocked a 3GS, hope this may be of some help to you.

The firmware version isn't really important but the baseband and the week of production is. If you look at the phone's serial number, the fourth and fifth digit represent what week the phone was manufactured in 2009 in. Mine was 05.11.07 and week 38 which was perfect for a jailbreak and network unlock.

From what I vaguely understand, after week 40, Apple installed a new boot ROM to make sure the phone was running legitimate software. If the phone is post week 40, you can still jailbreak and unlock it but if it ever powers down, you need to reboot it using Blackra1n. Pre-week 40 doesn't suffer from this.

The links above on iClarified are what I used to successfully jailbreak and network unlock two 3GSs in the last few weeks. I used Blackra1n for jailbreak and by adding to my Cydia sources, I used Blacksn0w to unlock.
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