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Full Version: So what bags/cases do you use?
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Just bored.. figured a bag topic could be fun. SO what bags do you guys have? and what are your favorite and not so favorite..
Nike SB'd
I use all Pelican cases or Tamrac bags. Build quality on both owns hard. But they're pricey.
im cheap/poor so i have a great bag at a cheap price off ebay called "APOLLO"

for the guys on a budget, check them out.
I have Lowepro Vertex AW 100 and a flipside 100. The Vertex is pretty damn heavy especially when fitting 4 of my lenses in there. Might consider replacing it with one that has a rolling wheel since I use this for travel anyway.
i have Lowepro Fastback 250 but i need to upgrade to something bigger then that.
For me I shoot a lot of different types of things so I have different bags for each. I love my lowepro bags but I have recently been hooked on ThinkTank bags..they are THE BEST bags as far as Im concerned..The quality of the bags is amazing and the customer service is one of the best out there..
I have:


Stealth Reporter 650d : Shooting weddings other events the require 2 bodies and a few lens. Super easy to work out of..but is freaking heavy when fully loaded.
Stealth Reporter 300 : One body set up bag for small assignments.
SlingShot 300: Walk around bag..Great for car shows and general shooting. Can hold more gear then I thought it could.
Compact AW: carries all my flash stuff.
Mini Trekker: Used for one body with a some of my bigger lens..
Top Load Zoom 2: Used to use this for when I just needed one body/lens..but its too small for a gripped camera
CompuRover: Got this bag for Sema since I wanted something that I could have camera gear in and other stuff in the top portion.Its pretty good but I usually gut the photo padding out and just use it as a normal backpack.


Airport Security V1: Holds ALLL my gear for when I travel...Its huge and on wheels.
Airport Take Off: Just got this as my "drift" bag holds all the gear I need to shoot motosports events but does not kill my back like my Stealth Reporter 650 did since its a backpack and is also a roller.
Digital Holster 40: Got this to replace my Top Load zoom..can even hold a body with a 70-200 on it and it fits onto my modulus component set for when Im shooting in the rain it keeps my second body out of the elements.
Modulus Component set: I use this all the time at shows or motosports events..Keeps all my lens close by all the time and is super comfy to use..
Jacob Photo
Pelican 1510 for the camera and lenses. Lights are in some sort of hard plastic case they came with, but I'll likely replace it with a Pelican soon enough.

I'm just glad I don't pay retail for Pelicans biggrin.gif
I used to use el-cheapo bags for a while when I started out, but since have won a Tamrac Expedition Bag set in a photo competition. So I use those 2. One is a small one which can take 1 body & 2 small lenses. The other can take body & about 4 lenses.

Been really happy with Tamrac. Although I think the tops is still Lowepro range.
Not much travel for me, so no hard case purchased yet,

My main bag is the Dakine Sequence bag in all black. I saw the photo crew at Whistler use this in heavy snow and knew this was the bag for me. Plus I have another thin shell for it.

I also have a sling style messenger bag from DC Shoe thats all padded up for a single camera with a max of two lenses (not anything big) that is ideal for small events or on the go type stuff. I can't find a pic tho
I have the old version of the Tamrac Expedition 5. It's really a great bag for me since it carries a body, 3 lenses, a flash, my tripod, and a bunch of accessories. When I have spare time I like to do landscape photography so my bag has definitely been through some abuse while hiking and it still looks almost brand new.
...i use my school backpack lol. i've never had to travel by air so it gets the job done *shrug*

i do need to invest in a ski bag though to put my rig poles inside of.
Pelican carry-on case. Been all around the US of A with it and never given me any problems!
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