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Full Version: Fab Design Panamera
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Maybe all this living-in-Dubai has corrupted me, but I think this is pretty badass.
It's pretty damn ugly!
I just saw it in person at the Dubai Motorshow...the thing is BADASS. I'll post up photos in a bit.
I think it looks pretty terrible. Way too many little vents and angled bits... and all that black on the back looks strange. The wheels aren't attractive either, big boring deep dish shiny things.
Oooh my first reaction was bleh but then I looked at it for a few more seconds...especially that side profile. OK it's OTT but sometimes that's just what the doctor ordered.
God we Swiss don't know how to tune shit (Except Sportec). Rinspeed, and now this. I've seen a lot of Fab crap but this is actually ok.
You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear but by removing the pseudo-911 front and rear styling cues and replacing them with strong elements, they have at least made something more individual.

The widened track, flared arches and concealed rear door handles make it look more sporting. It does have a lot of tacked-on bits (though far less than FAB's usual awful messes). I would certainly have my reservations about being seen driving one...
Its ugly. It looks like a bug
wouldn't wanna be caught dead driving that thing tongue.gif
^ Uhh Savage, I'm sure you're bored in class or whatever, but don't bump old threads. If it's been inactive for more than a month or so, leave it alone. Unless, of course, you have something important to add. idiot.gif
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