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Full Version: Creating realistic "god rays" or sun rays?
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I've been wanting to try this with a couple of pics, but the results all look like ass. Any tips or advice?

Here's an attempt I did with one of my own pics.. not happy with it at all.

If I turn up the opacity higher it starts looking like I just brushed in some rays. I did some googling and the technique that seems to be used a lot is create lines, motion blur them, and then mess with blending modes and opacity, but it's not working to well for me...

Anyone willing to give out a secret or two? whistle.gif
here's another attempt with a different tutorial, i didn't spend much time on placement
I think the 2nd attempt is getting there for sure.

With a little more time spent on placement, and making sure the lines are as straight as possible I think that would work just fine.
Nike SB'd
Well for starters the image you have posted wouldn't actually have sun rays, so it's going to look unnatural regardless. Sun rays only occur when you have dense clouds blocking out the sun with sporadic holes where the sun would cut through and create a ray. You could get a realistic looking flare into that image but not a visible ray that goes all the way through the frame like you're trying to do.
Ahh makes sense, didn't even think of that lol. I'll try my luck with that effect when I get a shot that has clouds with holes in it, and if not.. I'll just throw the clouds in there =]
You can still achieve the look without the proper clouds. Hit me up on AIM/MSN and i'll give you some of my tips.
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