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Full Version: Nikon SB26 or SB25
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Hi i interested to start work with wireless flashes, i ordered triggers already and now i need to found flashes.

i can get the SB26 and the SB25 for the same price(75 CAD) , what should i take?
is it a big difference between them? is they worth the 75 CAD ? should i take they both or better to search for something like SB28 or SB80?

Nike SB'd
From my personal experience I think the best bang-for-buck Nikon flash for off-camera work is the SB-80DX. I've owned a SB-25, SB-26, SB-80DX, SB-600 and SB-800. I found the SB-25 and SB-26 didn't have the power output or range (adjust ability from full power down) that I needed. The SB-600 doesn't have a built-in PC socket so you have to rig it up to use it w/ pocket wizards. The SB-80DX is basically a SB-800 w/out all the i-TTL and infared sync gizmos - none of which are needed when shooting off camera on full manual. You can usually find a MINT SB-80DX for around $110-120 US. I currently use 2 SB-80DX and one SB-800 when I'm not shooting with my profoto stuff.
Ok thank you! i will try to look for SB80DX .
Nike SB'd
One other thing I forgot to mention in my original post - the SB-25/26 recycle time is MUCH longer than the SB-80DX and they also killed batteries a little faster, despite the lower full power output. I really think you'll get more out the 80DX. Now just find some and get shooting! Good luck smile.gif
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